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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Update...The Amazing Race

Earlier this week Team Night Owls, Cori, Isaac, and Bailey finished DS before Team Best Friends and Team Life & Death. So yes, they did win the FIRST leg of the race, BUT it was also stated in the goals "The goal is for the babies to get their level 48 spells and pet, fight Malistaire in the Final Countdown quest, be able to access Celestia, reach Grandmaster so they can wear their gear then both wizards will fight through to become Legendary!" Therefore the race is far from over.

Team Best Friends, Sabrina, Alexis, and Tasha completed DS the day after Night Owls did and so far are in the District of the Stars. They are almost ready to head into the Stellarium just as soon as they defeat Sharkwave.

Last night, Kaitlyn of Life & Death defeated Malistaire with the help of Alric Ravensinger and my sisters of the Unholy Trio, Cassandra Dragonheart and Autumn Fireblade. Kait also got her Rebirth spell, Satyr pet named King Charlie, and attained Grandmaster status. Now Kait and Destiny are both ready to go to Celestia. Don't count them out of the race yet.

Still waiting to see which team makes it to Legendary first.

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Out With The Old...In With The New

2010 is coming to a close as we get ready to welcome the new year. This is the time of year when one looks back and reflects on the things they did and create resolutions for the things they want to do.

I have my own list of gaming habits that I want to throw "out" and new or better things I "in"tend to do for the coming year.

Out with the old:
1. No more starting thing and not finishing them because of frustration, distraction, or plain old procrastination.
2. To stop using the word "noob" even when I am referring to my own stupid mistakes. I will still be a twit or a dorkfish.
3. I will not be intimidated by things I am not comfortable with, such as PvP and certain towers or instances.

In with the new:
1. Learn to enjoy and give a chance to every aspect of the game and not judging it negatively so soon.
2. Update my blog regularly and get more readers.
3. Finish my Respawning Bosses Guide (which means I have to quest on Devin)
4. Pet train on all wizards before they quest and/or level.
5. Clear the quest log on all wizards once they reach Legendary status.
6. Join in on PvP and pet derby matches once a wizard's quest log is cleared.

Yes, this is a contest. I want to know what habits you want to lose and what things you would like to improve for your own gaming experience? Post your resolutions in the comment section and follow me on my blog. The winner will be chosen by random.org and will receive EITHER a $10.00 gift card that comes with a pet and 5000 crowns OR anything from the crowns shop that totals up to 10,000 crowns. Winner will be contacted via means listed on their follow. Contest entries end January 7th at 11:59pm CST. Winner will be announced Sunday, January 9th.

Since one of my resolutions is to get more followers/readers, I would appreciate it if you could help me by retweeting on Twitter or posting on Facebook!

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Celestia...A Whole New World

I have had plenty of time to explore, observe, fight creatures, die and conquer this wonderful new world. Since it's release six of my wizards dual-teamed their way through Celestia to become Legendary.

The world itself is a beautiful Greco-oceanic panorama marred by the technology of the Marleybonians. Everywhere you go, you see modern metal interspersed with ancient artifacts. These include the drillers, water pumps, teleporters, and "flying fish" that are scattered all over.

Your journeys begin at the Celestian Base Camp which is the central hub that grants access to the other areas. The base camp shows the decline of the Celestian architecture as most is buried in sand, crumbling, or inactive. This is being replaced by the metal ramps, huge driller, water pump and submarine type portals.

The first area you get to travel to is the Survey Camp, which seems to be inside a submarine. From here you can access the Pinnacles and the Grotto. The Grotto is completely submersed underwater and swimming is required so bring your bathing suits.

I loved watching how my pets and mounts interacted with this new environment versus the dry land they were accustomed to. So far my favorite pets to watch are the snake/serpents, who look as though they are trying to swim up to catch their breath. This is not surprising because, well, they are reptiles and not amphibians after all.

The second area of your journey takes place in the District of the Stars. If it weren't for the overpopulation of sharks, this area would be breathtaking. Scratch that. Even with the sharks, it is beautiful scenery to traverse.

The Chantry is on one side and the Hall of the Archivist on the other. Both have lush green grass. The Chantry also has a waterfall while the Archivist walls are covered with colorful artwork and assorted sculptures dot the lawn. The technology here suggests that the Celestians, although appearing to be an ancient civilization, may in fact be far superior to the Marleybonians.

Though the land is beautiful it is still full of treacherous enemies that must be vanquished. Selwyn must be defeated in the Stellarium before you will be granted passage to your next destination.

The Floating Land is a tropical paradise inhabited by many primitive(?) tribes. There is plenty of junglesque foliage to wander through. Exotic plants, wooden tikis, and wild creatures decorate this island as you make your way to a living waterfall that actually converses with you.

The next stop on your tour is Stormriven. When you first encounter this area, you will make your way across a galatic platform that is reminiscent of a disco dance floor (Electric Slide or Hustle anyone?). Again the new metal gratings of the chambers clash with the pure architecture of old.

When you feel brave enough, you can dive off the plank into Stormriven Hall and face the mysteries of the deep therein. Inside this underwater cavern is the Temple of the Kraken. Be careful where you step, though, because there is a sea monster that watches you. Periodically it will even try to take a swipe with its massive tentacle. Once you have bested the lord of this area, Tempus Stormfist, you will be admitted to the Lunarium/Portico.

The itinerary says its now time to head to the Science Center where modern technology takes over. This area is overrun with gadgets, thing-a-ma-bobs, and doo-hickies. Even the Celestians have donned their gear to fit in. The Steam Valets, Steam Winchers, Hydro-Mechs, Water-Matons, and Aqua-Bots have become almost cyborg-like. Is this a glimpse into Future Celestia?

The final area that your travels will take you to via the sub portals at the base camp is the Crustacean Empire. This is another underwater world co-inhabited by Greco-Roman crabs and pirates. Of course it would not be Celesia without the ever present sharks.

The most spectacular place in this area, albeit the entire world IMO, is Calypso's Cavern. The shipwreck is settled on the precipice of an abyss. Above you is a school of jellyfish that seem to watch as you battle Queen Calypso and her pirate henchmen.

It is now time to save Celestia from Morganthe as you brave the Solarium/Chancel. SURPRISE-or not, the place is swimming with sharks. And also not surprising, that cowardess Morganthe, will not face you herself. Instead she leaves her pet shark, Big Salgio to make short work of you. Too bad for him, you have much bigger fish to catch and fry. Oh well, he will make great bait-can you say "chum"?

Morganthe may have escaped this time, but you emerge victorious nonetheless. However, it is time to hone your skills and for that you must enter the Trial of the Spheres. Here you will be challenged by those in charge of the astral schools and learning. Astraeus, the Stellar/Star teacher is your first opponent you face after solving a few riddles. Ptolemos guards the Lunar/Moon passages before you face Mithraya in the Solar/Sun sanctum.

So if you think you are ready, then pack your gear and bring your best A-game. Celestia's beauty is equally matched by the numerous dangers and challenges you will encounter.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays...and Merry Christmas Eve & Day to All!

I wanted to take time out from my gaming and wizard travels to wish all of the wizards of the Spiral a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Joyful Season!

I hope each gets to spend time with their families and loved ones and that above all everyone stays SAFE. There is still much to be done to conquer the forces of evil and I want you guys by my side fighting.

I realize Christmas is tomorrow, but for me, it has been celebrated all year. I have received the greatest gifts of all...friends, best friends, and more friends! I feel enriched just knowing each of you:

My sisters of the Unholy Trio, Lady Blade and Cassandra DragonHeart; my dearest friend Alric Ravensinger; the genius of petnome, Kevin Battleblood and the rest of his team; a great farming partner and fellow nightowl, @scarznstripez; my family of M4H without whom I would probably not know most of you; Ravenwood Radio and Leesha and Stephen for keeping all of us wizards informed on what's going on in the Spiral; all my fellow w101bloggers and #twizards ( too many to mention but you know who you are if I am following you :) ).

Finally, I would like to thank KingsIsle for giving so much this year despite the complaints, rants, trial and error, bugs and glitches, etc. I have enjoyed the pet update, the Selena Gomez sneak peek quest line, and the greatest gift of all-Celestia! Yes, there were other updates and like that fruitcake or the sweater that you can't really return, one of these days I will get hungry or cold enough to actually learn to enjoy them.

Until then, I hope everyone enjoys their holidays and remember sometimes the greatest gift is being surprised by what you get! So no peeking!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Amazing Race...Which Duo Will Be First?

As of right now, I have 3 teams of two of my own wizards who are questing in Dragonspyre. Each team consists of a Grandmaster from my first account and a Master from my second account. The goal is for the babies to get their level 48 spells and pet, fight Malistaire in the Final Countdown quest, be able to access Celestia, reach Grandmaster so they can wear their gear then both wizards will fight through to become Legendary!

The question is which team will be first?

Here are the teams, their current locations, and how they are played.

Team Best Friends: My Grandmaster Ice, Sabrina (50), and Master Death, Tasha (45) with my best friend's Balance wizard, Alexis (45). Just received the quest for the Obsidian Chests and already got the one in the Labyrinth.

We play when she gets off work or on the weekends and for a few hours. For street and tower mobs 'Rina carries Blizzard & Frost Giant (Leif) with Strong on them, & her Ice Blades. Tasha is trained in Ice as secondary and carries an Ice trap amulet, plus Curse, & Feint which she places before 'Rina hits. Alexis being balance will Balance and Elemental tri-blade 'Rina or place hex on the mobs.

Team Night Owls: My Grandmaster Myth, Cori (50) and Master Ice, Bailey (44) with Alric Ravensinger's alt Master Storm, Isaac (45). They are now in the Drake Hatchery ready to fight The Hoarder for Windhammer's reins.

We play when I can coax him into questing :P and for a few hours at a time. Cori carries her Frog, Olloch (from the Fablehaven stories :) ) boosted with Strong & her Myth blades. Bailey doesn't have much power, but she uses her Blizzard, Ice Blade, & Tri-Elemental Blade. Isaac will cast Storm Blade and Tempest to clean up Olloch's mess :-& .

Team Life & Death: This team is me only. My Grandmaster Death, Destiny (50) and Master Life, Kaitlyn (42). She just started in the Tower of Archives fighting the Loathsome Creepers.

I play on these when there is no one else online needing help with anything and after I have used all the energy on my 12 wizards training pets. Destiny uses Scarecrow to attack. While waiting for her pips to build up she will use Curse & Death Blade to buff her kill. She does have Death Shield & Empower in her deck when not fighting death mobs so she can get her pips faster and take off a weakness in one move. Kaitlyn doesn't have any Life attack AoE spells yet, but is trained in fire as a secondary so she will pack a few Meteors JIC. Mostly she just casts Tri-Spirit Traps & Blades for Destiny or will stick with healing.

I have set a time frame to have all 6 of my wizards; Bailey, Cori, Destiny, Kaitlyn, Sabrina & Tasha to reach Legendary status before the end of the year.

So even though it will be me playing the actual wizards, I would like to see YOUR thoughts on which ones you think would reach their goals first and why. Does the team have anything to do with it? The type of wizard they are? Will the kinds of mobs and bosses they face play a part in the race?

Also leave comments about how YOU would set up your deck to fight the mobs the fastest and I will test it out.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Catching Up...And Then Some

It has been almost two months or thereabouts since my last post and I apologize profusely. Though I have not blogged, I have not been idle either. There has been much going on at my end of the Spiral. Let me catch you up:

I have four of my own accounts that I play and several others that I help people with. My fourth account has my challenge wizards on it. So far my Storm wizard Devin is at level 18 without having done a single quest, trained in a school spell, or visited Halston for her Storm assignments. She just pretty much tags along farming and gets her experience strictly from fighting and instances. Since power leveling has been nuked by KI, she will not be making legendary anytime soon. Then again I didn’t take her into instances JUST to power level her. She was farming so even though she has done Tree of Life and the Labyrinth several times, she gets zero experience for it now.

My third account has my death wizard, Devin ShadowHeart. She is now heading into Knight’s Court and will soon be on the tail end of Marleybone. Katz Lab, Counterweights, and Big Ben then heading into Mooshu. This wizard travels with my best friend’s storm wizard, Scarlet WillowBlossom. We found out when questing with her GM death wizard, Haley MistCloud and my GM storm, Brianna MoonCloud, that death and storm make an awesome team. Storm’s high power AoE hits and death’s ability to boost those with feint and curse. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a Necromancer who is willing to sacrifice themselves to keep a Diviner alive.

My second account, or what I call my baby account, has been the busiest. Trying to play catch up to my Grand account and running tag team with that same account. Most of my six wizards were stuck in Mooshu up to October with the exception of Jordan DuskFlame, my Pyromancer, who had just reached Grandmaster status. She and Alura HexCaster were my first duo to make it through Celestia in three days. They both earned their Efreet and Ra spells and the title of Legendary Wizards!

Vanessa StormCaller, my Diviner, was the next wizard ready to head into Celestia and my Theurgist Tatiana FairyGlade volunteered to accompany her. This journey was a little, more challenging-let’s say. Tatiana did not have any AoE spells to contribute to the battles. Vanessa was only level 48 when she began her Celestian exploration. ‘Nessa was able to help Tati with her level 58 quest to get Sassy, but was on her own when the time came to get Thanny. Poor ‘Nessa died 7 times before she finally claimed victory and earned that spell. A week after starting their journey, both became Legendary Wizards, as well.

Fiona Starbright, my Sorceress, on my baby account is also trained in storm so it was obvious from the start that she would team up with my grand Diviner, Brianna MoonCloud. Brianna helped Fiona through Mooshu then Dragonspyre before meeting up with my best friend’s fire wiz, Tara WillowBlossom. As of present the trio are in the Crab Empire and bars away from level 58 where they will each get Ra, Leviathan, and Efreet.

Tasha SpellWraith, my baby Necromancer, and my grand Thaumaturge, Sabrina FrostShard are also questing with another one of my best friend’s wizards. This time her balance wizard, Alexis. So far the threesome are finishing up the Necropolis in Dragonspyre and ready to face off with the Dean in the Labyrinth. Both Tasha and Alexis are looking forward to getting their Scarecrow and Power Nova spells and also their school pets.

My baby Thaumaturge, Bailey IceCaster, is currently traversing the Plaza of Conquests with my grand Conjurer, Cori WillowHaven, and good friend Alric Ravensinger’s storm alt, Isaac. With the three of them working side by side, taking Dragonspyre should be no problem and then it’s on to Celestia. Here’s to getting Alric his second Legendary wizard in-the-making! I will be right there beside him to keep him on task 
:) .

My final duo of wizards is a set that I have been playing when I have no one else online. My baby Theurgist, Kaitlyn SpiritSong, and my grand Necromancer, Destiny ShadowWraith. Kaitlyn just finished up Mooshu and is ready to take on Dragonspyre. With this team heals are aplenty and there is no threat of dying unless you are the enemy.

That takes care of what my wizards have been doing as far as their questing goes, but what about when they AREN’T questing?

Alura, Jordan, Tati, ‘Nessa, and Bri have done some farming at Calypso for gold and gear.

All of my wizards have been pet training much to my chagrin and Alric’s delight. Such a mundane task. I enjoy the rewards but hate the actual training. Actually, during this last Test Realm I used all the crowns from my four accounts plus donations from a few friends and stayed up with @scarznstripez to help find talents and derby skills for certain pets that were needed at petnome.

As much as I dislike pet training, it does have its advantages. I was able to catalog ALL my pets for ALL my wizards using pretty much the same template as petnome. I listed the talents and derby skill that they got at teen, adult, ancient, and epic. This helped me to decide how far I was willing to actually train my pet in the live realm. The database also will come in handy should I ever have another “accidental loss” on KI’s part where my pets go missing and they don’t remember what I had or how they were. It’s like a pet identity system. Lists their name, pet type, school, pedigree, cards that come with them, talents, derby skills, and any special notices about the pets (level 48 pet, hybrid, crown pet, etc).

I also tried out the gardening on the Test Realm. I am torn about it. I like it. And I don’t. I would love to grow my plants but not have them die on me so quickly (checks thumbs-yep not green; shakes head). If it comes down to using the energy globe for gardening or pet training, I would rather pet train. I just feel that the plants are WAY too needy for someone who is on a mission to save the Spiral. I am going to work on finding a spell to animate my mannequins and have THEM take care of my plants, while I traipse around fighting the baddies. I just hope none of the plants eat wood. Hmmm…Need to check into that.

Finally I have gone broke on all my wizards buying reagents to MAKE reagents so I can craft gear I want and things I don’t need for those crafting quests just to make Grandmaster Artisan. Yes, it happened. Alura HexCaster is now officially a Grandmaster Artisan! AND---less than a day after turning in her Seal of the Seven Seas she crafted her Level 55 Balanced Brimstone Tunic and is working on her Level 55 hat.

Brianna and Jordan are also working on getting their Grandmaster Artisan badges, also. Each of my wizards on my grand account have at least made it to their robe or the crimson bookstand quest so they are not that far behind. Kaitlyn just this morning started on her crafting and so far has made it to Felicia in Marleybone. Now if only I can remember to put what they make in their banks until the time comes to turn in the quest.

You would think after having crafted as many times as I have, I would have learned or remembered by now. Uh-uh. And I bang my head and yell each time I see the quest but don’t have the items. How annoying. It’s no wonder I loathe crafting as much as I do.

But, I can guarantee you one thing and others can vouch for it, too. As much as I may need those reagents, I am the first to offer them to someone else when I am questing with them. Especially to a client when I am leading their run. Only if they pass them by or say they do not want them, will I snag them. Also, I will spend hours making treasure cards for someone who needs them for their WatchTower Hall. Because, to me, forever friendship is more important than any minimal dislike for some menial task.

Well that pretty much sums up MOST of what I have been doing. Now it is time that I get back to it. Just when I think I am almost finished, I find something else that needs to be done. OOHH there’s a quest I didn’t pick up…Hey did you need this ore? Can I have it?...I wonder if I hatch this turtle with my FOG Unicorn if it will transfer this talent…Speaking of which, I need to add that to my database!...

Follow Your Own Path,

Monday, October 25, 2010

Deadlines-and Halloween Festivities

Ahh...the last week of October and still so much to be done before All Hallow's Eve arrives and with it, hopefully, the release of Celestia to the Spiral in the live realm. I, myself, have been a busy Sorceress both in-game and out. However, I would not have it any other way because this is my favorite season and holiday.

I love to decorate my house and dress-up. This is the one time of the year when it's okay to create personas and alter egos for yourself and maybe step outside of your safety zone within your own personal space. You can revisit different time periods and be whoever you want to be. There are numerous parties to attend and games to play for children and adults alike.

I plan to attend costume parties this weekend irl and on Thursday a group that I belong to will be hosting a party based on the Clue board game for all wizards to attend. The members of the group will be the suspects, which means I will be one and will be portraying Mrs. Peacock. My good, dear friend, Alric Ravensinger will be improvising the role of Mr. Green. The announcement for this party will be posted under "Proclamations & Decrees".

My own wizards, Alura HexCaster and Brianna MoonCloud, have traded in their normal battle gear for Halloween costumes. Alura is wearing the Royal Outfit because she is the "Purple Queen" to someone special. Brianna, who seems to be having a bad hair month, is  wearing the Halloween Witch costume.

Are there any wizards out there who have plans either irl for this coming holiday weekend? What about for your own wizards? Do you do anything special for them?

With this also being the last week before Halloween arrives, Jack Hallow, his brothers, and their quests will soon be gone for another year. Make sure that you have done your quests, claimed your gold and pumpkin mask, and farmed the towers and Lord Nightshade for those elusive Halloween crown item drops. There's also lots of good gold to be made in the loot you find from trick-or-treating these places.

As far as deadlines before Celestia hits live and my own personal goals; I recently got my Pyromancer, Jordan DuskFlame, to Grandmaster :) . Now I have seven grands and only five left to go before the end of this week :( . Two, Bailey IceCaster (ice) and Kaitlyn SpiritSong (life), are still at the beginning of Mooshu. I have tried to limit the number of requests that I take for M4H until I meet my own needs first, but it is hard because I do so enjoy helping other wizards out. Plus it does give me a break and distraction from fighting those mobs who just WILL NOT give up the key, notes, lockets, viles of essence, etc.

I am determined to begin Vanessa StormCaller (storm) in DragonSpyre today and hope to finish her up by tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning. Then Tasha SpellWraith (death) is next on the list followed by Fiona StarBright (balance). Bailey and Kaitlyn will be run through straight from the beginning of Mooshu through the fight with Malistaire. Wish me luck cause it's hard to play with your own fingers crossed X X.

With the redundancies of doing the same quests over this many times, either I will become an expert at the quests and have them memorized or I will go insane. If the latter, I do hope to see some of my fellow wizard friends on visiting days. Don't forget to bring your pets so I can see what new tricks they have learned. And remember if you come by on Halloween I am sure to have some treats for you-or even a few tricks.

Happy haunting in the Spiral!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Strong Family Indeed

On Saturday, 10/16/2010 Christo Deathgiver resigned as the leader of the most helpful group on Wizard 101 Central, the Mercenaries for Hire (M4H). The following are excerpts taken over the last three days as part of my own wizard gaming world was thrown into upheaval:
W101Central Community -
First off I would love to thank you all for a great 15 month run that I had with Mercenaries For Hire, truly was a fabulous time and I got the chance to meet and assist MANY Wizards of the Spiral.

But at this time, I have decided to resign my post and position with M4H and take a much needed resignation from this fantasy world that KingsIsle has created. At this point in my life, I have much greater things that I want to focus on, with my Wife, my Boys and my family at home.

Team -
I am not sure where you go from here as I would love for you all to keep the train rolling, but would understand fully if this brought it to a grinding hault. Please feel free to copy this to Jester and Olivia to reassign a new group leader for the War Room if needed.

I wish you ALL health, happiness and the best of luck in whatever you all decided to do.

Guess it's my turn...and as much as I know you need a break, cause we all do at some point, you are going to be missed.

I am going to miss surprising you with my noob wizards while you stand in the bazaar, at the pond in the commons, or in the pet pavilion. These will only be a few places that are remembered as places that Christo christened with his ever presence.

I can only thank you deeply for all you have done for the gaming community of Wizard101 and Central. Starting M4H because it was your dream and the events that have been hosted or sponsored on its behalf. The friendships, teams, families, and relationships that been forged because of the get togethers and spirit of helping out that our F2M4H participate in.

You have taught me so much and so many others I am sure in the ways of battle and deck strategy. You have given many of us confidence to plow through and face our fears whether it be soloing a dungeon or letting go of the security blankets that we clung to so tightly before coming under your tutelage.

This is your team-but more importantly it is your DREAM. You are welcome back with open arms any time you wish to return.

Until then, you know where to find any of us should you need us.


Other well wishes can be found here and you are more than welcome to post your own. But the M4H have learned several things and have a spirit all their own. We are a determined group and we are family and community oriented. We are here for the people as noted here.

After Christo Deathgiver’s departure from Wizard 101 and Wizard 101 Central, the Mercenaries for Hire had a group meeting to discuss what to do in his absence. This meeting was held Sunday night. During the meeting, it was unanimously decided that the M4H Group and this thread needs to keep going. While Christo may have created this Group, all of us Mercenaries share the same belief that he did – the belief in helping other wizards throughout the spiral. It is that belief that made all of us Mercenaries, and it is what will keep this thread going.

Knowing that the entire Merc team wants to, as Christo put it, keep this train rolling, we then needed to make a decision as to who would be a suitable replacement for Christo as the head of the team. While this team is very much a horizontal group environment, we felt that we do need a facilitator to manage the War Room (our internal group discussion board), update changes in policy on the M4H thread, and be an ultimate decision maker when a group consensus is not reached. With that, it was agreed upon that Andrew Wildflame would be the most suitable person to lead the M4H group.

Andrew and Christo have known each other in game since early 2009. Andrew was here for the inception of Mercenaries for Hire, and was asked by Christo to be a Mercenary from the beginning (even though at the time Andrew declined, as he felt he could not make the commitment due to issues in real life). The group felt that Andrew would best fill the void left in Christo’s absence, and steer the M4H group in a direction that Christo would want.

With that, we hope that you will all embrace the change that has occurred, and welcome Andrew Wildflame as the new head of our group. Some things may change around here, as the dynamic of our group can’t help but be changed by Christo’s departure, but one thing that will never change is this – our commitment to not only helping wizards with their harder quests, but helping them to become better wizards!

Army of Stones
Brahm DreamPants
Cassandra DragonHeart
Cody Soulmender
Fiona WildShade
Keira NightHunter
Kevin Shadowstalker
Lady Blade
Pheonix Flyer

Fellow gamers can rejoice and relax though, as we do have some new ideas planned to go with the dynamics of our new leadership. AND of course we will still be there to help anyone out (free of charge) on any quests that we can and are able to. We thank each and every one of you for standing by us and supporting us as we continue to help you whatever that endeavor may be.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recruitment...and a New Family

Welcome back, weary traveler. There has been much going on in the spiral has there not? Celebrations, festivities, events, and the like? There is much to prepare for in the times ahead. In the meanwhile, relax and enjoy a little more storytelling while you get your stamina and strength back. You just sit there and I will continue to regale you with the tales about Alura, her sisters, and their adventures.

So far you have gotten to know a bit about Alura. Today I shall tell you of her sisters; Brianna, Cori, Destiny, Sabrina, and Tatiana.

Attending the Tri-Harvest Festival in April was the best thing that could have ever happened to any of my wizards. It enabled them to make new friends and also opened the door for them to become a recruit into the Mercenaries for Hire. Being a Friend to M4H (F2M4H) and a potential M4H recruit gave my wizards the opportunity to meet and make new friends and questing companions. There was much to be done to prepare them all should they be required and/or accept to partake a specific venture.

Alura, the Sorceress, was a grandmaster and could accept most assignments and requests. She had limited access because her quest journal was still incomplete. However, until her sisters completed their training she was the one that picked up the requests.

Tatiana, the Theurgist, soloed her way to grandmaster. She did not have powerful attack spells but she was able to heal herself in battles that seemed to last infinitely. She worked diligently and it paid off. She became the second sibling to attain grandmaster status.

Brianna, the Diviner, shared her questing with her best friend Haley Mistcloud, the Necromancer. This worked out to both their advantage. Bri was able to use her powers of storm to disable the mobs easily, while Haley could help heal Bri should she need it. Brianna was the third sister to become a grandmaster.

Destiny, the Necromancer, also soloed herself to grandmaster. Embracing her darke magykal abilities to steal health from others to revive herself, she was able to sustain herself during battle. Her arsenal also included enough powerful spells that she didn't need to rely on companions for strength either. She was the fourth sister to reach the grandmaster ranks.

Cori, the Conjurer found a questing buddy in fellow M4H member Alex's alt myth wizard, Mason. Together they conquered Dragonspyre, received their two-headed canines orthrus, and defeated Malistaire. Both were welcomed as the newest grandmasters to the M4H family and Cori was the fifth sister to join.

This left Sabrina, the Thaumaturge, who had yet to begin who adventure in Dragonspyre. She found her niche with two other newly recruited M4H members, Cassandra Dragonheart and Lady Blade (formerly Animegrl). Questing with Cassandra, the Theurgist, and Autumn Fireblade, the Pyromancer, Sabrina found her place among her "other sisters".

The threesome were given the nickname the "Unholy Trio". They were inseparable and were always ready to help when one of the others called. You never knew what to expect when you were around them except that no matter what you would have fun and lots of laughs. Sometimes if you weren't careful you might just end up in a spot of trouble but you had a blast getting there.

It was hard for others to keep up with the conversations that the Trio had. Most could not get a word in because Sabrina, Autumn, and Cassandra were notorious for finishing each other's sentences typo's and all. We had stories to tell that would have us "snort", "snarf", and "spew" until we were gasping for breath, scaring our dogs, or our cats were looking at us funny.

The only ones who seemed to be able to keep up were our constant companions who always seemed to fill the fourth slot: The Earthweavers and his wizards-Nathaniel Earthweaver, Vanessa Earthweaver, or Fallon Dreambreaker; Haley Mistcloud-Tara Willowblossom and Haley Mistcloud; and King Ysmir-Alric Ravensinger.

It was during this time that the Trio coined a few phrases that have come into use by our other wizard siblings and our friends. So if you hear these terms you will now understand their meanings and origins.

"Zeus"/"Athena"-to port to or from. Refers to Athena emerging from Zeus's head in full body armor when she is born. Athena does not work in text chat.

Sabrina: "I need to turn my ports off. I feel like Zeus."
Cassandra: "Is it safe to Zeus you?"

"Pensieve"-means to finish the other person's thought for them or say the same thing reworded Is almost akin to Jinx.

Autumn: "That had to hurt."
Cassandra: "That had to hurt."
Cassandra: "Jinx."

Sabrina: "Oh curdles, I forgot to changed my deck."    said at the same time
Cassandra: "Did you forget to change your deck?"
Sabrina: "Pensieve :)"

You will just have to come back to find out what other adventures these wizard siblings and their friends can get into. Until then...

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Epic Festival

Come in, come in and welcome back! We still have some more history to catch up on to bring you up to par with our present day adventures. Let's get you settled while I refresh your memory...

Alura made Grandmaster in December. Yet there were things she still needed to do. She was not a fully accomplished Sorceress by any means.

She had devoted so much of her time helping others quest and farm that she maxed out her own experience before she even completed the Drake Hatchery. Though, she often helped others she still soloed and did not have many friends that she could travel with. She had not set foot in Grizzleheim, nor had she received the quest to save the Spiral from Malistaire. Worse, she was not even outfitted as a proper Grand Sorceress should be.

All of this changed in April when she read a notice about a "Tri-Harvest Festival". What could it mean? It said anyone who needed their grand hats and boots were welcome to join a two day event farming Kraysys, Yeva Spiderkeeper, and Viktor Snowcrusher. This event was being hosted by the M4H and anyone level 45 and up was welcome to attend even if they did not have access to those bosses.

Could it be true? No more farming by herself or not being able to because she could not gain entry yet. People willing to help each other for a whole weekend just to make sure that others got their gear. Talk about fairy tales come to life! Cinderella, who?

But, wait! Alura was a grand, yes. What about her sisters? They would want to participate in this magnificent event, too. It would not be fair to deny them the privilege of farming for their grand items, too. Brianna was the closest to level 45 so she began questing in earnest to reach that cap before the deadline. That Friday she made it. Unfortunately, the others would have to wait for the next festival. Luckily for them, Alura and Brianna were willing to farm until they got the items they needed for Cori, Destiny, Sabrina, and Tatiana, as well.

Because Alura was already a grand, she thought her gear was a priority, but soon found it didn't work that way. She thought it would be best to try to get her shoes from Viktor. She was having lots of fun on the bridge with the Mercenaries and the F2M4H, but Viktor only taunted, teased, and tormented her.

She decided to try Kraysys and see if he would let loose her hat a lot easier than Viktor was her shoes. Kraysys proved to be a lot nicer and dropped his hat fairly early on along with Cori, Destiny, and Tatiana's items.

Alura thought to try a different strategy with Viktor. She decided to call upon Brianna and see if she could coax Viktor into giving up those precious boots. Brianna only made him mad by cracking lame jokes and making fun of him.

"You must be a descendant of a Cyclops. You have to be blind to give me Cassandra's fire hat when I have no fire wizard." "Really?! You would rather give your boots to Alric and Christo who already have oodles when Alura was begging for them." Thank you both for offering to give them up, by the way.

Though this tactic didn't fare any better, the weekend was a success before it was all said and done. Brianna, Cori, Destiny, Sabrina, and Tatiana each had a new hat and pair of boots waiting in their banks for them when they reached Grandmaster. Alas, Alura, only had her hat. But she got so much more than that in return.

She got to make a slew of friends with people who are now part of her wizarding family; Christo Deathgiver, Alric Ravensinger, Cassandra Dragonheart, Destiny Skyblade; Rogan Bluebreeze, Sophia Ghostshade, Keira Nighthunter, Fiona Wildshade, Shelby Angle and the Masons, and so many others.

There were so many laughs had, lots of jokes made, and plans to get together to help each other out in the future. All of that still continues.

Bright and early the next morning Alura decided to try pleading with Viktor once again when no one was around. She begged, cajoled, and offered to sacrifice her pride and dignity to him for her shoes. It worked! Her fourth battle and he relinquished her treasured Snowcrushers Tread of Tensions.

"Thank you, Viktor," Alura replied with a wink as he watched her walk off in his shoes.

He was a mighty foe, but he was still beaten by a woman's wiles and a Sorceress' subtleties.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Tale of a Sorceress' Beginnings...

Welcome back! Come in and and have a seat while I tell you some more. Make yourself comfortable. Cozy? Relaxed? Good, let's continue.

It all started last summer during several commercial interruptions. Everywhere I looked I saw dragons, magic, monsters, and --Malistaire! Professor Ambrose was requesting my help and I answered the call. I took the test and learned that (no surprise to me) I was a Sorceress. Alura HexCaster was enrolled in Ravenwood. I was excited and anxious.

This was my first MMORPG ever. I fell in love with the graphics and would stop and gaze at everything. I was in a new world and everything was so breathtaking and wonderful. I wanted to begin my journey immediately and save the Spiral from Malistaire and those he had turned against us. I learned to play as I went and made my share of mistakes along the way, who btw is the BEST teacher ever, and was a true NOOB without even knowing it.

I remember my first battle in Unicorn Way when I had to fight the Lost Souls. They are of the death school and had the symbol to let us know that. Only I thought that meant I was supposed to use death spells ON them. I began to wonder what I was going to do if I didn't have any death spells other than the Dark Sprite I got from my wand. As soon as I got my first few training points, I got Fire Cat, Blood Bat, and Dark Sprite to put in my arsenal. There was no way this Sorceress was going to be unprepared.

Unfortunately, I was. I did not know about training points. I was under the impression that we would get enough to get the spells from all the schools. I have since bought mine back and made better choices. I did not know about pips or prisms. I got tired of saying "oops" or "sorry" so I started playing solo until I could get the hang of the game. That was only ONE of the first mistakes I made starting out.

The second mistake I made was my own personal doing. I get mesmerized by things around me and I could not help but wonder what it would be like to play a wizard of another school. So I made 5 more wizards at the same time; a myth, death, life, storm, and I finally chose ice after debating between it and fire. I would play them alternately and try to keep them around the same level, but Alura, my Sorceress, was always higher than the others. She was the one I could count on to farm for the others' gear and was my relief  when I got tired of fighting cats in Marleybone.

I still felt like I was missing out on something because I had not tried ALL of the schools yet. Did I make the right choice by not selecting fire? I had convinced my IRL best friend to start playing and she was a Pyromancer and seemed to be enjoying the spells immensely. So I created a second account just so I could have a Pyromancer of my own. Now I had 6 more wizards to level up to the other original 6. In between my classes I was playing aggressively on 12 different wizards.

Six months after I started, my Sorceress, Alura, became a Grandmaster. She is the wizard that I use the most when others request help. We are great for supporting others, can heal and keep you alive for another round, boost your attacks so you get maximum attack power, and shield you so you don't take so much damage. We can solo or play as a team.

Plus, IMO, we have the best minion. I have named my Helpful Manders for both of my accounts. Zen belongs to Alura and Yin to Fiona. The balance minion is very useful.  He shields, blades, and donates pips to players. He also uses negative charms and traps on the enemy as well as attacking them.

Alura HexCaster may be a Grandmaster, she but still has some work to do. So if you happen to see her around the Spiral or need help, just ask. She is always willing to give a hand. She was my first wizard and will always be my favorite.

There is just something about having a Sorceress by your side. Ask anyone who has quested with one ;)

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

You Are Invited-So Come In For A Spell...

Today is my one year anniversary at w101 Central and I have decided to commemorate by starting a blog. I have included the link to my profile if you should care to drop me a line over there. There are other reasons why I have also decided to start writing publicly, too. They are my good friends from wizard 101 Cassandra Dragonheart, Alric Ravensinger, and Kevin Battleblood, who have encouraged me to write because they thought I would be good at it.

Now that the greeting is out of the way it is time for the introductions.

I am one of many wizard personalities around the spiral. I have four accounts. One has 6 Grandmasters; Alura HexCaster Sorceress, Tatiana FairyGlade Theurgist, Brianna MoonCloud Diviner, Destiny ShadowWraith Necromancer, Cori WillowHaven Conjurer, and Sabrina FrostShard Thaumaturge, that belong to the Mercenaries for Hire.

My second has 6 Magus wizards Jordan DuskFlame Pyromancer, Vanessa StormCaller Diviner, Tasha SpellWraith Necromancer, Kaitlyn SpiritSong Theurgist, Bailey IceCaster Thaumaturge, and Fiona StarBright Sorceress, who are currently questing in Mooshu.

The rest will have to remain a secret for now. A Sorceress should always shroud herself in an air of mystery. Besides its makes games of Hide N Seek a lot more fun---for me!

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