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Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Epic Festival

Come in, come in and welcome back! We still have some more history to catch up on to bring you up to par with our present day adventures. Let's get you settled while I refresh your memory...

Alura made Grandmaster in December. Yet there were things she still needed to do. She was not a fully accomplished Sorceress by any means.

She had devoted so much of her time helping others quest and farm that she maxed out her own experience before she even completed the Drake Hatchery. Though, she often helped others she still soloed and did not have many friends that she could travel with. She had not set foot in Grizzleheim, nor had she received the quest to save the Spiral from Malistaire. Worse, she was not even outfitted as a proper Grand Sorceress should be.

All of this changed in April when she read a notice about a "Tri-Harvest Festival". What could it mean? It said anyone who needed their grand hats and boots were welcome to join a two day event farming Kraysys, Yeva Spiderkeeper, and Viktor Snowcrusher. This event was being hosted by the M4H and anyone level 45 and up was welcome to attend even if they did not have access to those bosses.

Could it be true? No more farming by herself or not being able to because she could not gain entry yet. People willing to help each other for a whole weekend just to make sure that others got their gear. Talk about fairy tales come to life! Cinderella, who?

But, wait! Alura was a grand, yes. What about her sisters? They would want to participate in this magnificent event, too. It would not be fair to deny them the privilege of farming for their grand items, too. Brianna was the closest to level 45 so she began questing in earnest to reach that cap before the deadline. That Friday she made it. Unfortunately, the others would have to wait for the next festival. Luckily for them, Alura and Brianna were willing to farm until they got the items they needed for Cori, Destiny, Sabrina, and Tatiana, as well.

Because Alura was already a grand, she thought her gear was a priority, but soon found it didn't work that way. She thought it would be best to try to get her shoes from Viktor. She was having lots of fun on the bridge with the Mercenaries and the F2M4H, but Viktor only taunted, teased, and tormented her.

She decided to try Kraysys and see if he would let loose her hat a lot easier than Viktor was her shoes. Kraysys proved to be a lot nicer and dropped his hat fairly early on along with Cori, Destiny, and Tatiana's items.

Alura thought to try a different strategy with Viktor. She decided to call upon Brianna and see if she could coax Viktor into giving up those precious boots. Brianna only made him mad by cracking lame jokes and making fun of him.

"You must be a descendant of a Cyclops. You have to be blind to give me Cassandra's fire hat when I have no fire wizard." "Really?! You would rather give your boots to Alric and Christo who already have oodles when Alura was begging for them." Thank you both for offering to give them up, by the way.

Though this tactic didn't fare any better, the weekend was a success before it was all said and done. Brianna, Cori, Destiny, Sabrina, and Tatiana each had a new hat and pair of boots waiting in their banks for them when they reached Grandmaster. Alas, Alura, only had her hat. But she got so much more than that in return.

She got to make a slew of friends with people who are now part of her wizarding family; Christo Deathgiver, Alric Ravensinger, Cassandra Dragonheart, Destiny Skyblade; Rogan Bluebreeze, Sophia Ghostshade, Keira Nighthunter, Fiona Wildshade, Shelby Angle and the Masons, and so many others.

There were so many laughs had, lots of jokes made, and plans to get together to help each other out in the future. All of that still continues.

Bright and early the next morning Alura decided to try pleading with Viktor once again when no one was around. She begged, cajoled, and offered to sacrifice her pride and dignity to him for her shoes. It worked! Her fourth battle and he relinquished her treasured Snowcrushers Tread of Tensions.

"Thank you, Viktor," Alura replied with a wink as he watched her walk off in his shoes.

He was a mighty foe, but he was still beaten by a woman's wiles and a Sorceress' subtleties.

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