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Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Winners!...Everyone Won!

I sometimes just can't help myself and right now is one of those times. I have decided that just because I can-everyone who commented and posted their New Years Resolutions is a winner!

Mr. Owl is still the grand prize winner, but the other entries will each receive items from the crowns shop that total up to 1000 crowns. I will be contacting each to get with them to dole out their winnings.

I love being unpredictable >:)

Follow Your Own Path

Contests...And The Winners Are:

There have been many contest sponsored these last few weeks from the holidays. One was by Petnome. This was their first contest and I thought it was very ingenious and fun. I just had to enter. So here is the story I submitted:

“Welcome to the Ravenwood Training Boot Camp where you will learn, effective, spell-defying skills that will make you into more efficient and well-trained wizards,” announced our new instructor, Professor Kilmage.
The class was made up of the most gifted and courageous witches and wizards of the Spiral. Though, they were very eager to learn and always dependable when it came to getting the job done, they were a spirited and rambunctious group.
“Ok guys, pipe down!” barked Professor Kilmage. There was a few who were still talking, while others were whispering, “Shh! teach is going to give our orders.”
“I demand complete and utter silence while I am speaking or you will be put on a permanent mute”, threatened the professor as he glared at us.
“You will have to think fast!”, began Professor Kilmage, “and look sharp when you are out there on your own. Stay attentive to your surroundings and be vigilant at all times. Do not give the enemy opportunity to overtake you.”
“Be careful and don’t get into a big hurry, or you will make mistakes. check to make sure you have a clear path before you charge or you may wind up at a dead end or facing a stonewall and then you will be trapped.”
“If you are unfortunate enough to get captured, be wily and crafty. Use any calculating means that you can imagine to escape and rally back to our rendezvous point. Try using stall tactics and if that doesn’t work then see if you can distract them and make your getaway.”
Hurry back from lunch and I will give you your assignments,” he concluded.
“I wonder if I would be excused if I told him I was too exhausted from my other studies,” I told Haley on the way to the cafeteria.
“I thought about saying I was feeling weak and casting a feinting spell on myself,” replied Haley.
"I know from now on his new name is gonna be Professor Killjoy!” I giggled as we entered the lunch line.

I have not heard anything yet on the winners of the petnome contest, but since it is ended and the judging phase is over, I felt it safe to publish my own submission.

Speaking of contests; if you are up for another one and think you have the hottest house or a dynamic dorm then you should enter the Housing Contest that Beckett Massive Online Gamer is hosting. So get busy making your jungle tropical islands, Victorian mansions, country garden homes, or cabins in the woods. Pick your theme and get to decorating. Grand prize is 60K crowns and an epic Gamestop bundle.

And now for the winner of my own contest: According to the the magical number machine of RANDOM.ORG the winner is...

My resolutions:
1. Become more comfortable with the more difficult instances.
2. Run my own blog. (Took the first step and created one! Midmorning Owl)
3. House all of my wizards.
4. "Create" the dream pet for (most if not all of) my wizards.
5. Get my last two wizards to Legendary.
6. Attempt to become a serious PvPer.
7. And finally, get Grandmaster Crafter on ALL of my wizards. (Maybe one of KI's resolutions will be to up those Black Pearl drops..) 

...entrant #4 Mr. Owl! Congratulations, Owl. I will get with you to find out whether you would prefer the gift card or the crown shop items.

Looking forward to many more contests in the future. With more contests come lots more winners. :) Until then...

Follow Your Own Path