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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Catching Up...And Then Some

It has been almost two months or thereabouts since my last post and I apologize profusely. Though I have not blogged, I have not been idle either. There has been much going on at my end of the Spiral. Let me catch you up:

I have four of my own accounts that I play and several others that I help people with. My fourth account has my challenge wizards on it. So far my Storm wizard Devin is at level 18 without having done a single quest, trained in a school spell, or visited Halston for her Storm assignments. She just pretty much tags along farming and gets her experience strictly from fighting and instances. Since power leveling has been nuked by KI, she will not be making legendary anytime soon. Then again I didn’t take her into instances JUST to power level her. She was farming so even though she has done Tree of Life and the Labyrinth several times, she gets zero experience for it now.

My third account has my death wizard, Devin ShadowHeart. She is now heading into Knight’s Court and will soon be on the tail end of Marleybone. Katz Lab, Counterweights, and Big Ben then heading into Mooshu. This wizard travels with my best friend’s storm wizard, Scarlet WillowBlossom. We found out when questing with her GM death wizard, Haley MistCloud and my GM storm, Brianna MoonCloud, that death and storm make an awesome team. Storm’s high power AoE hits and death’s ability to boost those with feint and curse. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a Necromancer who is willing to sacrifice themselves to keep a Diviner alive.

My second account, or what I call my baby account, has been the busiest. Trying to play catch up to my Grand account and running tag team with that same account. Most of my six wizards were stuck in Mooshu up to October with the exception of Jordan DuskFlame, my Pyromancer, who had just reached Grandmaster status. She and Alura HexCaster were my first duo to make it through Celestia in three days. They both earned their Efreet and Ra spells and the title of Legendary Wizards!

Vanessa StormCaller, my Diviner, was the next wizard ready to head into Celestia and my Theurgist Tatiana FairyGlade volunteered to accompany her. This journey was a little, more challenging-let’s say. Tatiana did not have any AoE spells to contribute to the battles. Vanessa was only level 48 when she began her Celestian exploration. ‘Nessa was able to help Tati with her level 58 quest to get Sassy, but was on her own when the time came to get Thanny. Poor ‘Nessa died 7 times before she finally claimed victory and earned that spell. A week after starting their journey, both became Legendary Wizards, as well.

Fiona Starbright, my Sorceress, on my baby account is also trained in storm so it was obvious from the start that she would team up with my grand Diviner, Brianna MoonCloud. Brianna helped Fiona through Mooshu then Dragonspyre before meeting up with my best friend’s fire wiz, Tara WillowBlossom. As of present the trio are in the Crab Empire and bars away from level 58 where they will each get Ra, Leviathan, and Efreet.

Tasha SpellWraith, my baby Necromancer, and my grand Thaumaturge, Sabrina FrostShard are also questing with another one of my best friend’s wizards. This time her balance wizard, Alexis. So far the threesome are finishing up the Necropolis in Dragonspyre and ready to face off with the Dean in the Labyrinth. Both Tasha and Alexis are looking forward to getting their Scarecrow and Power Nova spells and also their school pets.

My baby Thaumaturge, Bailey IceCaster, is currently traversing the Plaza of Conquests with my grand Conjurer, Cori WillowHaven, and good friend Alric Ravensinger’s storm alt, Isaac. With the three of them working side by side, taking Dragonspyre should be no problem and then it’s on to Celestia. Here’s to getting Alric his second Legendary wizard in-the-making! I will be right there beside him to keep him on task 
:) .

My final duo of wizards is a set that I have been playing when I have no one else online. My baby Theurgist, Kaitlyn SpiritSong, and my grand Necromancer, Destiny ShadowWraith. Kaitlyn just finished up Mooshu and is ready to take on Dragonspyre. With this team heals are aplenty and there is no threat of dying unless you are the enemy.

That takes care of what my wizards have been doing as far as their questing goes, but what about when they AREN’T questing?

Alura, Jordan, Tati, ‘Nessa, and Bri have done some farming at Calypso for gold and gear.

All of my wizards have been pet training much to my chagrin and Alric’s delight. Such a mundane task. I enjoy the rewards but hate the actual training. Actually, during this last Test Realm I used all the crowns from my four accounts plus donations from a few friends and stayed up with @scarznstripez to help find talents and derby skills for certain pets that were needed at petnome.

As much as I dislike pet training, it does have its advantages. I was able to catalog ALL my pets for ALL my wizards using pretty much the same template as petnome. I listed the talents and derby skill that they got at teen, adult, ancient, and epic. This helped me to decide how far I was willing to actually train my pet in the live realm. The database also will come in handy should I ever have another “accidental loss” on KI’s part where my pets go missing and they don’t remember what I had or how they were. It’s like a pet identity system. Lists their name, pet type, school, pedigree, cards that come with them, talents, derby skills, and any special notices about the pets (level 48 pet, hybrid, crown pet, etc).

I also tried out the gardening on the Test Realm. I am torn about it. I like it. And I don’t. I would love to grow my plants but not have them die on me so quickly (checks thumbs-yep not green; shakes head). If it comes down to using the energy globe for gardening or pet training, I would rather pet train. I just feel that the plants are WAY too needy for someone who is on a mission to save the Spiral. I am going to work on finding a spell to animate my mannequins and have THEM take care of my plants, while I traipse around fighting the baddies. I just hope none of the plants eat wood. Hmmm…Need to check into that.

Finally I have gone broke on all my wizards buying reagents to MAKE reagents so I can craft gear I want and things I don’t need for those crafting quests just to make Grandmaster Artisan. Yes, it happened. Alura HexCaster is now officially a Grandmaster Artisan! AND---less than a day after turning in her Seal of the Seven Seas she crafted her Level 55 Balanced Brimstone Tunic and is working on her Level 55 hat.

Brianna and Jordan are also working on getting their Grandmaster Artisan badges, also. Each of my wizards on my grand account have at least made it to their robe or the crimson bookstand quest so they are not that far behind. Kaitlyn just this morning started on her crafting and so far has made it to Felicia in Marleybone. Now if only I can remember to put what they make in their banks until the time comes to turn in the quest.

You would think after having crafted as many times as I have, I would have learned or remembered by now. Uh-uh. And I bang my head and yell each time I see the quest but don’t have the items. How annoying. It’s no wonder I loathe crafting as much as I do.

But, I can guarantee you one thing and others can vouch for it, too. As much as I may need those reagents, I am the first to offer them to someone else when I am questing with them. Especially to a client when I am leading their run. Only if they pass them by or say they do not want them, will I snag them. Also, I will spend hours making treasure cards for someone who needs them for their WatchTower Hall. Because, to me, forever friendship is more important than any minimal dislike for some menial task.

Well that pretty much sums up MOST of what I have been doing. Now it is time that I get back to it. Just when I think I am almost finished, I find something else that needs to be done. OOHH there’s a quest I didn’t pick up…Hey did you need this ore? Can I have it?...I wonder if I hatch this turtle with my FOG Unicorn if it will transfer this talent…Speaking of which, I need to add that to my database!...

Follow Your Own Path,

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