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Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays...and Merry Christmas Eve & Day to All!

I wanted to take time out from my gaming and wizard travels to wish all of the wizards of the Spiral a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Joyful Season!

I hope each gets to spend time with their families and loved ones and that above all everyone stays SAFE. There is still much to be done to conquer the forces of evil and I want you guys by my side fighting.

I realize Christmas is tomorrow, but for me, it has been celebrated all year. I have received the greatest gifts of all...friends, best friends, and more friends! I feel enriched just knowing each of you:

My sisters of the Unholy Trio, Lady Blade and Cassandra DragonHeart; my dearest friend Alric Ravensinger; the genius of petnome, Kevin Battleblood and the rest of his team; a great farming partner and fellow nightowl, @scarznstripez; my family of M4H without whom I would probably not know most of you; Ravenwood Radio and Leesha and Stephen for keeping all of us wizards informed on what's going on in the Spiral; all my fellow w101bloggers and #twizards ( too many to mention but you know who you are if I am following you :) ).

Finally, I would like to thank KingsIsle for giving so much this year despite the complaints, rants, trial and error, bugs and glitches, etc. I have enjoyed the pet update, the Selena Gomez sneak peek quest line, and the greatest gift of all-Celestia! Yes, there were other updates and like that fruitcake or the sweater that you can't really return, one of these days I will get hungry or cold enough to actually learn to enjoy them.

Until then, I hope everyone enjoys their holidays and remember sometimes the greatest gift is being surprised by what you get! So no peeking!

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