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Monday, October 25, 2010

Deadlines-and Halloween Festivities

Ahh...the last week of October and still so much to be done before All Hallow's Eve arrives and with it, hopefully, the release of Celestia to the Spiral in the live realm. I, myself, have been a busy Sorceress both in-game and out. However, I would not have it any other way because this is my favorite season and holiday.

I love to decorate my house and dress-up. This is the one time of the year when it's okay to create personas and alter egos for yourself and maybe step outside of your safety zone within your own personal space. You can revisit different time periods and be whoever you want to be. There are numerous parties to attend and games to play for children and adults alike.

I plan to attend costume parties this weekend irl and on Thursday a group that I belong to will be hosting a party based on the Clue board game for all wizards to attend. The members of the group will be the suspects, which means I will be one and will be portraying Mrs. Peacock. My good, dear friend, Alric Ravensinger will be improvising the role of Mr. Green. The announcement for this party will be posted under "Proclamations & Decrees".

My own wizards, Alura HexCaster and Brianna MoonCloud, have traded in their normal battle gear for Halloween costumes. Alura is wearing the Royal Outfit because she is the "Purple Queen" to someone special. Brianna, who seems to be having a bad hair month, is  wearing the Halloween Witch costume.

Are there any wizards out there who have plans either irl for this coming holiday weekend? What about for your own wizards? Do you do anything special for them?

With this also being the last week before Halloween arrives, Jack Hallow, his brothers, and their quests will soon be gone for another year. Make sure that you have done your quests, claimed your gold and pumpkin mask, and farmed the towers and Lord Nightshade for those elusive Halloween crown item drops. There's also lots of good gold to be made in the loot you find from trick-or-treating these places.

As far as deadlines before Celestia hits live and my own personal goals; I recently got my Pyromancer, Jordan DuskFlame, to Grandmaster :) . Now I have seven grands and only five left to go before the end of this week :( . Two, Bailey IceCaster (ice) and Kaitlyn SpiritSong (life), are still at the beginning of Mooshu. I have tried to limit the number of requests that I take for M4H until I meet my own needs first, but it is hard because I do so enjoy helping other wizards out. Plus it does give me a break and distraction from fighting those mobs who just WILL NOT give up the key, notes, lockets, viles of essence, etc.

I am determined to begin Vanessa StormCaller (storm) in DragonSpyre today and hope to finish her up by tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning. Then Tasha SpellWraith (death) is next on the list followed by Fiona StarBright (balance). Bailey and Kaitlyn will be run through straight from the beginning of Mooshu through the fight with Malistaire. Wish me luck cause it's hard to play with your own fingers crossed X X.

With the redundancies of doing the same quests over this many times, either I will become an expert at the quests and have them memorized or I will go insane. If the latter, I do hope to see some of my fellow wizard friends on visiting days. Don't forget to bring your pets so I can see what new tricks they have learned. And remember if you come by on Halloween I am sure to have some treats for you-or even a few tricks.

Happy haunting in the Spiral!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Strong Family Indeed

On Saturday, 10/16/2010 Christo Deathgiver resigned as the leader of the most helpful group on Wizard 101 Central, the Mercenaries for Hire (M4H). The following are excerpts taken over the last three days as part of my own wizard gaming world was thrown into upheaval:
W101Central Community -
First off I would love to thank you all for a great 15 month run that I had with Mercenaries For Hire, truly was a fabulous time and I got the chance to meet and assist MANY Wizards of the Spiral.

But at this time, I have decided to resign my post and position with M4H and take a much needed resignation from this fantasy world that KingsIsle has created. At this point in my life, I have much greater things that I want to focus on, with my Wife, my Boys and my family at home.

Team -
I am not sure where you go from here as I would love for you all to keep the train rolling, but would understand fully if this brought it to a grinding hault. Please feel free to copy this to Jester and Olivia to reassign a new group leader for the War Room if needed.

I wish you ALL health, happiness and the best of luck in whatever you all decided to do.

Guess it's my turn...and as much as I know you need a break, cause we all do at some point, you are going to be missed.

I am going to miss surprising you with my noob wizards while you stand in the bazaar, at the pond in the commons, or in the pet pavilion. These will only be a few places that are remembered as places that Christo christened with his ever presence.

I can only thank you deeply for all you have done for the gaming community of Wizard101 and Central. Starting M4H because it was your dream and the events that have been hosted or sponsored on its behalf. The friendships, teams, families, and relationships that been forged because of the get togethers and spirit of helping out that our F2M4H participate in.

You have taught me so much and so many others I am sure in the ways of battle and deck strategy. You have given many of us confidence to plow through and face our fears whether it be soloing a dungeon or letting go of the security blankets that we clung to so tightly before coming under your tutelage.

This is your team-but more importantly it is your DREAM. You are welcome back with open arms any time you wish to return.

Until then, you know where to find any of us should you need us.


Other well wishes can be found here and you are more than welcome to post your own. But the M4H have learned several things and have a spirit all their own. We are a determined group and we are family and community oriented. We are here for the people as noted here.

After Christo Deathgiver’s departure from Wizard 101 and Wizard 101 Central, the Mercenaries for Hire had a group meeting to discuss what to do in his absence. This meeting was held Sunday night. During the meeting, it was unanimously decided that the M4H Group and this thread needs to keep going. While Christo may have created this Group, all of us Mercenaries share the same belief that he did – the belief in helping other wizards throughout the spiral. It is that belief that made all of us Mercenaries, and it is what will keep this thread going.

Knowing that the entire Merc team wants to, as Christo put it, keep this train rolling, we then needed to make a decision as to who would be a suitable replacement for Christo as the head of the team. While this team is very much a horizontal group environment, we felt that we do need a facilitator to manage the War Room (our internal group discussion board), update changes in policy on the M4H thread, and be an ultimate decision maker when a group consensus is not reached. With that, it was agreed upon that Andrew Wildflame would be the most suitable person to lead the M4H group.

Andrew and Christo have known each other in game since early 2009. Andrew was here for the inception of Mercenaries for Hire, and was asked by Christo to be a Mercenary from the beginning (even though at the time Andrew declined, as he felt he could not make the commitment due to issues in real life). The group felt that Andrew would best fill the void left in Christo’s absence, and steer the M4H group in a direction that Christo would want.

With that, we hope that you will all embrace the change that has occurred, and welcome Andrew Wildflame as the new head of our group. Some things may change around here, as the dynamic of our group can’t help but be changed by Christo’s departure, but one thing that will never change is this – our commitment to not only helping wizards with their harder quests, but helping them to become better wizards!

Army of Stones
Brahm DreamPants
Cassandra DragonHeart
Cody Soulmender
Fiona WildShade
Keira NightHunter
Kevin Shadowstalker
Lady Blade
Pheonix Flyer

Fellow gamers can rejoice and relax though, as we do have some new ideas planned to go with the dynamics of our new leadership. AND of course we will still be there to help anyone out (free of charge) on any quests that we can and are able to. We thank each and every one of you for standing by us and supporting us as we continue to help you whatever that endeavor may be.

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