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Questes and Events

Out With The Old...In With The New

Yes, this is a contest. I want to know what habits you want to lose and what things you would like to improve for your own gaming experience? Post your resolutions in the comment section and follow me on my blog. The winner will be chosen by random.org and will receive EITHER a $10.00 gift card that comes with a pet and 5000 crowns OR anything from the crowns shop that totals up to 10,000 crowns. Winner will be contacted via means listed on their follow. Contest entries end January 7th at 11:59pm CST. Winner will be announced Sunday, January 9th.

"Ring" In The School Year With Your Own Grand School Ring!

Saturday September 4th-Monday September 6th

You are invited to wreak havoc on Angrus and Orrick until they give up your school ring. Come Join the M4H team this weekend as we "labor" to help you get yours.

We will be working in time blocks in groups of 4. We will also run you through as many times as we can within the time frames allotted.

runs starting each hour from
7-9a PST/8-10a MST/9-11a CST/10a-12p EST, break,
12-3p PST/1-4p MST/2-5p CST/3-6p EST, break
6-7p PST/7-8p MST/8-9p CST/9-10p EST

Sunday and Monday:
12-3p PST/1-4p MST/2-5p CST/3-6p EST

Where: Scarecrow Realm In front of Brisk Breeze Tower

Details: Please list below if you will be able to attend, your wizard name, school and at what day/time so we can better group the teams together. Walk-ups are welcome. We ask that you please follow the advice of your merc leader to ensure a successful run. Above all else have fun!

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