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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Celestia...A Whole New World

I have had plenty of time to explore, observe, fight creatures, die and conquer this wonderful new world. Since it's release six of my wizards dual-teamed their way through Celestia to become Legendary.

The world itself is a beautiful Greco-oceanic panorama marred by the technology of the Marleybonians. Everywhere you go, you see modern metal interspersed with ancient artifacts. These include the drillers, water pumps, teleporters, and "flying fish" that are scattered all over.

Your journeys begin at the Celestian Base Camp which is the central hub that grants access to the other areas. The base camp shows the decline of the Celestian architecture as most is buried in sand, crumbling, or inactive. This is being replaced by the metal ramps, huge driller, water pump and submarine type portals.

The first area you get to travel to is the Survey Camp, which seems to be inside a submarine. From here you can access the Pinnacles and the Grotto. The Grotto is completely submersed underwater and swimming is required so bring your bathing suits.

I loved watching how my pets and mounts interacted with this new environment versus the dry land they were accustomed to. So far my favorite pets to watch are the snake/serpents, who look as though they are trying to swim up to catch their breath. This is not surprising because, well, they are reptiles and not amphibians after all.

The second area of your journey takes place in the District of the Stars. If it weren't for the overpopulation of sharks, this area would be breathtaking. Scratch that. Even with the sharks, it is beautiful scenery to traverse.

The Chantry is on one side and the Hall of the Archivist on the other. Both have lush green grass. The Chantry also has a waterfall while the Archivist walls are covered with colorful artwork and assorted sculptures dot the lawn. The technology here suggests that the Celestians, although appearing to be an ancient civilization, may in fact be far superior to the Marleybonians.

Though the land is beautiful it is still full of treacherous enemies that must be vanquished. Selwyn must be defeated in the Stellarium before you will be granted passage to your next destination.

The Floating Land is a tropical paradise inhabited by many primitive(?) tribes. There is plenty of junglesque foliage to wander through. Exotic plants, wooden tikis, and wild creatures decorate this island as you make your way to a living waterfall that actually converses with you.

The next stop on your tour is Stormriven. When you first encounter this area, you will make your way across a galatic platform that is reminiscent of a disco dance floor (Electric Slide or Hustle anyone?). Again the new metal gratings of the chambers clash with the pure architecture of old.

When you feel brave enough, you can dive off the plank into Stormriven Hall and face the mysteries of the deep therein. Inside this underwater cavern is the Temple of the Kraken. Be careful where you step, though, because there is a sea monster that watches you. Periodically it will even try to take a swipe with its massive tentacle. Once you have bested the lord of this area, Tempus Stormfist, you will be admitted to the Lunarium/Portico.

The itinerary says its now time to head to the Science Center where modern technology takes over. This area is overrun with gadgets, thing-a-ma-bobs, and doo-hickies. Even the Celestians have donned their gear to fit in. The Steam Valets, Steam Winchers, Hydro-Mechs, Water-Matons, and Aqua-Bots have become almost cyborg-like. Is this a glimpse into Future Celestia?

The final area that your travels will take you to via the sub portals at the base camp is the Crustacean Empire. This is another underwater world co-inhabited by Greco-Roman crabs and pirates. Of course it would not be Celesia without the ever present sharks.

The most spectacular place in this area, albeit the entire world IMO, is Calypso's Cavern. The shipwreck is settled on the precipice of an abyss. Above you is a school of jellyfish that seem to watch as you battle Queen Calypso and her pirate henchmen.

It is now time to save Celestia from Morganthe as you brave the Solarium/Chancel. SURPRISE-or not, the place is swimming with sharks. And also not surprising, that cowardess Morganthe, will not face you herself. Instead she leaves her pet shark, Big Salgio to make short work of you. Too bad for him, you have much bigger fish to catch and fry. Oh well, he will make great bait-can you say "chum"?

Morganthe may have escaped this time, but you emerge victorious nonetheless. However, it is time to hone your skills and for that you must enter the Trial of the Spheres. Here you will be challenged by those in charge of the astral schools and learning. Astraeus, the Stellar/Star teacher is your first opponent you face after solving a few riddles. Ptolemos guards the Lunar/Moon passages before you face Mithraya in the Solar/Sun sanctum.

So if you think you are ready, then pack your gear and bring your best A-game. Celestia's beauty is equally matched by the numerous dangers and challenges you will encounter.

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