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Monday, October 25, 2010

Deadlines-and Halloween Festivities

Ahh...the last week of October and still so much to be done before All Hallow's Eve arrives and with it, hopefully, the release of Celestia to the Spiral in the live realm. I, myself, have been a busy Sorceress both in-game and out. However, I would not have it any other way because this is my favorite season and holiday.

I love to decorate my house and dress-up. This is the one time of the year when it's okay to create personas and alter egos for yourself and maybe step outside of your safety zone within your own personal space. You can revisit different time periods and be whoever you want to be. There are numerous parties to attend and games to play for children and adults alike.

I plan to attend costume parties this weekend irl and on Thursday a group that I belong to will be hosting a party based on the Clue board game for all wizards to attend. The members of the group will be the suspects, which means I will be one and will be portraying Mrs. Peacock. My good, dear friend, Alric Ravensinger will be improvising the role of Mr. Green. The announcement for this party will be posted under "Proclamations & Decrees".

My own wizards, Alura HexCaster and Brianna MoonCloud, have traded in their normal battle gear for Halloween costumes. Alura is wearing the Royal Outfit because she is the "Purple Queen" to someone special. Brianna, who seems to be having a bad hair month, is  wearing the Halloween Witch costume.

Are there any wizards out there who have plans either irl for this coming holiday weekend? What about for your own wizards? Do you do anything special for them?

With this also being the last week before Halloween arrives, Jack Hallow, his brothers, and their quests will soon be gone for another year. Make sure that you have done your quests, claimed your gold and pumpkin mask, and farmed the towers and Lord Nightshade for those elusive Halloween crown item drops. There's also lots of good gold to be made in the loot you find from trick-or-treating these places.

As far as deadlines before Celestia hits live and my own personal goals; I recently got my Pyromancer, Jordan DuskFlame, to Grandmaster :) . Now I have seven grands and only five left to go before the end of this week :( . Two, Bailey IceCaster (ice) and Kaitlyn SpiritSong (life), are still at the beginning of Mooshu. I have tried to limit the number of requests that I take for M4H until I meet my own needs first, but it is hard because I do so enjoy helping other wizards out. Plus it does give me a break and distraction from fighting those mobs who just WILL NOT give up the key, notes, lockets, viles of essence, etc.

I am determined to begin Vanessa StormCaller (storm) in DragonSpyre today and hope to finish her up by tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning. Then Tasha SpellWraith (death) is next on the list followed by Fiona StarBright (balance). Bailey and Kaitlyn will be run through straight from the beginning of Mooshu through the fight with Malistaire. Wish me luck cause it's hard to play with your own fingers crossed X X.

With the redundancies of doing the same quests over this many times, either I will become an expert at the quests and have them memorized or I will go insane. If the latter, I do hope to see some of my fellow wizard friends on visiting days. Don't forget to bring your pets so I can see what new tricks they have learned. And remember if you come by on Halloween I am sure to have some treats for you-or even a few tricks.

Happy haunting in the Spiral!

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