~ So You Wanna Know ~

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I am a mystery~someone you have known all your life and at the same time like no one you have ever met before.

My Coven

This is a list of my friends that I have in-game and their alter egos:

Cassandra Dragonheart-
Cassandra Dragonheart Legendary Fire, Life, & Balance.
Cassandra Dragonheart Master Death
Cassandra Dragonheart baby Storm, Ice, & Myth

Alric Ravensinger-
Alric Ravensinger Legendary Balance
Alexander Ghostflame Legendary Pyromancer
Isaac Storm Legendary Diviner

Destiny Skyblade-
Destiny Skyblade Legendary Storm
Autumn Fireblade Legendary Fire
Alexis Rainblade GM Myth
Taryn Moonblade GM Balance
Tristan Nightshade GM Death
Heather Blade GM Life
Jasmine Roseblade GM Ice