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Thursday, August 19, 2010

You Are Invited-So Come In For A Spell...

Today is my one year anniversary at w101 Central and I have decided to commemorate by starting a blog. I have included the link to my profile if you should care to drop me a line over there. There are other reasons why I have also decided to start writing publicly, too. They are my good friends from wizard 101 Cassandra Dragonheart, Alric Ravensinger, and Kevin Battleblood, who have encouraged me to write because they thought I would be good at it.

Now that the greeting is out of the way it is time for the introductions.

I am one of many wizard personalities around the spiral. I have four accounts. One has 6 Grandmasters; Alura HexCaster Sorceress, Tatiana FairyGlade Theurgist, Brianna MoonCloud Diviner, Destiny ShadowWraith Necromancer, Cori WillowHaven Conjurer, and Sabrina FrostShard Thaumaturge, that belong to the Mercenaries for Hire.

My second has 6 Magus wizards Jordan DuskFlame Pyromancer, Vanessa StormCaller Diviner, Tasha SpellWraith Necromancer, Kaitlyn SpiritSong Theurgist, Bailey IceCaster Thaumaturge, and Fiona StarBright Sorceress, who are currently questing in Mooshu.

The rest will have to remain a secret for now. A Sorceress should always shroud herself in an air of mystery. Besides its makes games of Hide N Seek a lot more fun---for me!

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  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere! May your posts flourish with yummy content!