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I am a mystery~someone you have known all your life and at the same time like no one you have ever met before.

My Daemons

All pets who suffer from an identity crisis will get new names or simpler forms when they reach epic status.

Alura HexCaster-her Hydra, Lady Murphy, is always by her side when she travels the Spiral.
Chloe, the Crimsonzilla, is the first pet Alura got to epic status. She is awesome with fire-giver, pain-giver, and fire-shot.

Tatiana FairyGlade-her Satyr, Duke Scout, stays by her side to help with extra healing.
Lord Lola, a Wanderer, was the first successful hybrid hatching between Duke Scout and Lady Murphy.

Brianna MoonCloud-her Stormzilla, Sir Cleo, emits his own electrical energy during their battles.

Destiny ShadowWraith-her Wraith, Lady Dexter, is not one to be trifled with since she uses her own kiss of death to perform her give-and-take spell.
Miss Sandy, a Grimzilla, is another successful hybrid hatching between Lady Dexter and Sir Cleo.

Cori WillowHaven-her two-headed Orthrus, Baby Dexter, rises straight from the depths of Hades to come to her aid when summoned.
Sir Brutus, a Cerberus, is the first love child between Baby Dexter and a good friend Alric Ravensinger's Hydra, Tigra.

Sabrina FrostShard-her Colossus, Lord Heidi, is the baby of the group and is in serious need of training. That doesn't stop her from packing quite a punch just like my IRL sister, Heidi. So her name stays.