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Karmic Charms

This will be a list of accomplishments that my wizards succeed at.

September 2010-December 2010-

09/17/2010-Tatiana and Vanessa are halfway done with Grizzleheim. They defeated Jotun and his brothers in Nidavellir with the help of the rest of the Unholy Trio Heather on her balance, Taryn, and Sue on her life, Cassandra. Alura and Alric helped Jordan through Mirkholm keep and she is set to defeat Jotun now.

09/16/2010-Destiny has been trying to get an archfiend hybrid and has only been succeeding at growing her wraith collection. Cori, however, has been trying for a tempest, jade, or ice hound. She did get a mythzilla out of her breeding with Brianna's Sir Cleo.

09/15/2010-Alric and Joshua were pet farming. Alric was fortunate enough to get the Jade Oni pet from the boss of the same name and Alura FINALLY got the Ianthine Spectre from the Gurtok Demon. Now she is the ~Minion Mistress~

09/05/2010-Happy Birthday to ME! I LOVE my wizard friends. They are the greatest. I have received a sturdy dragon pet and crowns and a royal attire outfit fit for a Queen! LOL. I love you guys, sooo much!

09/03/2010-Double good day for BBT grand rings for both 'Rina and Alric. 'Rina got her Ring of Winterbite and Alric got his Jewel of Nullification from Orrick.

08/29/2010-Cori WillowHaven and Sabrina FrostShard made several runs through BBT with the help of Cassandra Dragonheart, Kenneth Stormtamer, Jacob Soulcatcher, Alric Ravensinger, and Tara Willowblossom. Congratulations to Jacob on his ice ring, Tara on her fire ring and Cori who FINALLY got her myth ring. We are hoping to do a Labor Day Weekend run for others who need their rings (like 'Rina) this coming weekend. For Alura, she got her Reaver hybrid from her own hydra, Lady Murphy and Destiny's wraith, Lady Dexter. Woot!

08/28/2010-Success at last and on the first run! The Property Master was bested at last and his sword now rests by Alura's side. Now if only Zora would give up that deck. She has also decided to clear up her quest log and begin GH.

08/27/2010-Alura farmed the Labyrinth the whole day looking for her sword from the Property Master to no avail. She did, however, get the next best thing from the Silver Sentinel. She is one persistent wizard and will be using the gold and drops she gets to hatch her very own hybrid soon.

08/26/2010-Alura did some sword farming of her own and with the help of Cassandra Dragonheart and Brian Sandcaster she got Ivan Soulsinger's Soulsword. Kenneth Stormtamer also helped her farm the Hoarder and she received the Shockblade of the Hoarder. Thanks, guys! Much appreciated. Still farming for gold so Alura can get her very own hybrid. She just can't decide what she wants and may seek your help.

08/25/2010-Brianna did some sword farming with Oran Nightstalker from M4hH. She got the Shockblade of the Hoarder and the Longblade of the Homonculus. She also went raven farming and got enough gold to finally hatch a Tempest between her stormzilla, Sir Cleo and her sister Destiny's wraith, Lady Dexter. Finally her own hybrid!

08/24/2010-This was a very lucrative and busy day for both Fiona StarBright and Brianna MoonCloud. Brianna helped Fiona through all of Mooshu. Fiona went from level 33-41 and got her Spectral Minion spell. Brianna says it pays to help her babies out. She got Death Ninja from Yakedo, Tough Troll from Plague Oni, and Green Ghost from Akuji. Fiona got a minotaur pet of her own. Way to go for Balance and Storm! What a team. :) Three down, three to go.

08/23/2010-Sabrina FrostShard trained Lord Heidi from baby to teen at the insistence of Alric Ravensinger. She got Dashing and Dead End.

08/22/2010-Vanessa StormCaller gets her level 38 Triton Spell. She also completes Mooshu with the help of Alric Ravensinger and Brianna MoonCloud. She trained four of her pets from baby to teen: ice serpent, ghoul, dream ghoul, and blue ghost.

08/21/2010-Jordan DuskFlame reaches master status and finishes Mooshu with the help of Brianna MoonCloud.