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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Update...The Amazing Race

Earlier this week Team Night Owls, Cori, Isaac, and Bailey finished DS before Team Best Friends and Team Life & Death. So yes, they did win the FIRST leg of the race, BUT it was also stated in the goals "The goal is for the babies to get their level 48 spells and pet, fight Malistaire in the Final Countdown quest, be able to access Celestia, reach Grandmaster so they can wear their gear then both wizards will fight through to become Legendary!" Therefore the race is far from over.

Team Best Friends, Sabrina, Alexis, and Tasha completed DS the day after Night Owls did and so far are in the District of the Stars. They are almost ready to head into the Stellarium just as soon as they defeat Sharkwave.

Last night, Kaitlyn of Life & Death defeated Malistaire with the help of Alric Ravensinger and my sisters of the Unholy Trio, Cassandra Dragonheart and Autumn Fireblade. Kait also got her Rebirth spell, Satyr pet named King Charlie, and attained Grandmaster status. Now Kait and Destiny are both ready to go to Celestia. Don't count them out of the race yet.

Still waiting to see which team makes it to Legendary first.

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