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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recruitment...and a New Family

Welcome back, weary traveler. There has been much going on in the spiral has there not? Celebrations, festivities, events, and the like? There is much to prepare for in the times ahead. In the meanwhile, relax and enjoy a little more storytelling while you get your stamina and strength back. You just sit there and I will continue to regale you with the tales about Alura, her sisters, and their adventures.

So far you have gotten to know a bit about Alura. Today I shall tell you of her sisters; Brianna, Cori, Destiny, Sabrina, and Tatiana.

Attending the Tri-Harvest Festival in April was the best thing that could have ever happened to any of my wizards. It enabled them to make new friends and also opened the door for them to become a recruit into the Mercenaries for Hire. Being a Friend to M4H (F2M4H) and a potential M4H recruit gave my wizards the opportunity to meet and make new friends and questing companions. There was much to be done to prepare them all should they be required and/or accept to partake a specific venture.

Alura, the Sorceress, was a grandmaster and could accept most assignments and requests. She had limited access because her quest journal was still incomplete. However, until her sisters completed their training she was the one that picked up the requests.

Tatiana, the Theurgist, soloed her way to grandmaster. She did not have powerful attack spells but she was able to heal herself in battles that seemed to last infinitely. She worked diligently and it paid off. She became the second sibling to attain grandmaster status.

Brianna, the Diviner, shared her questing with her best friend Haley Mistcloud, the Necromancer. This worked out to both their advantage. Bri was able to use her powers of storm to disable the mobs easily, while Haley could help heal Bri should she need it. Brianna was the third sister to become a grandmaster.

Destiny, the Necromancer, also soloed herself to grandmaster. Embracing her darke magykal abilities to steal health from others to revive herself, she was able to sustain herself during battle. Her arsenal also included enough powerful spells that she didn't need to rely on companions for strength either. She was the fourth sister to reach the grandmaster ranks.

Cori, the Conjurer found a questing buddy in fellow M4H member Alex's alt myth wizard, Mason. Together they conquered Dragonspyre, received their two-headed canines orthrus, and defeated Malistaire. Both were welcomed as the newest grandmasters to the M4H family and Cori was the fifth sister to join.

This left Sabrina, the Thaumaturge, who had yet to begin who adventure in Dragonspyre. She found her niche with two other newly recruited M4H members, Cassandra Dragonheart and Lady Blade (formerly Animegrl). Questing with Cassandra, the Theurgist, and Autumn Fireblade, the Pyromancer, Sabrina found her place among her "other sisters".

The threesome were given the nickname the "Unholy Trio". They were inseparable and were always ready to help when one of the others called. You never knew what to expect when you were around them except that no matter what you would have fun and lots of laughs. Sometimes if you weren't careful you might just end up in a spot of trouble but you had a blast getting there.

It was hard for others to keep up with the conversations that the Trio had. Most could not get a word in because Sabrina, Autumn, and Cassandra were notorious for finishing each other's sentences typo's and all. We had stories to tell that would have us "snort", "snarf", and "spew" until we were gasping for breath, scaring our dogs, or our cats were looking at us funny.

The only ones who seemed to be able to keep up were our constant companions who always seemed to fill the fourth slot: The Earthweavers and his wizards-Nathaniel Earthweaver, Vanessa Earthweaver, or Fallon Dreambreaker; Haley Mistcloud-Tara Willowblossom and Haley Mistcloud; and King Ysmir-Alric Ravensinger.

It was during this time that the Trio coined a few phrases that have come into use by our other wizard siblings and our friends. So if you hear these terms you will now understand their meanings and origins.

"Zeus"/"Athena"-to port to or from. Refers to Athena emerging from Zeus's head in full body armor when she is born. Athena does not work in text chat.

Sabrina: "I need to turn my ports off. I feel like Zeus."
Cassandra: "Is it safe to Zeus you?"

"Pensieve"-means to finish the other person's thought for them or say the same thing reworded Is almost akin to Jinx.

Autumn: "That had to hurt."
Cassandra: "That had to hurt."
Cassandra: "Jinx."

Sabrina: "Oh curdles, I forgot to changed my deck."    said at the same time
Cassandra: "Did you forget to change your deck?"
Sabrina: "Pensieve :)"

You will just have to come back to find out what other adventures these wizard siblings and their friends can get into. Until then...

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