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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Out With The Old...In With The New

2010 is coming to a close as we get ready to welcome the new year. This is the time of year when one looks back and reflects on the things they did and create resolutions for the things they want to do.

I have my own list of gaming habits that I want to throw "out" and new or better things I "in"tend to do for the coming year.

Out with the old:
1. No more starting thing and not finishing them because of frustration, distraction, or plain old procrastination.
2. To stop using the word "noob" even when I am referring to my own stupid mistakes. I will still be a twit or a dorkfish.
3. I will not be intimidated by things I am not comfortable with, such as PvP and certain towers or instances.

In with the new:
1. Learn to enjoy and give a chance to every aspect of the game and not judging it negatively so soon.
2. Update my blog regularly and get more readers.
3. Finish my Respawning Bosses Guide (which means I have to quest on Devin)
4. Pet train on all wizards before they quest and/or level.
5. Clear the quest log on all wizards once they reach Legendary status.
6. Join in on PvP and pet derby matches once a wizard's quest log is cleared.

Yes, this is a contest. I want to know what habits you want to lose and what things you would like to improve for your own gaming experience? Post your resolutions in the comment section and follow me on my blog. The winner will be chosen by random.org and will receive EITHER a $10.00 gift card that comes with a pet and 5000 crowns OR anything from the crowns shop that totals up to 10,000 crowns. Winner will be contacted via means listed on their follow. Contest entries end January 7th at 11:59pm CST. Winner will be announced Sunday, January 9th.

Since one of my resolutions is to get more followers/readers, I would appreciate it if you could help me by retweeting on Twitter or posting on Facebook!

Follow Your Own Path


  1. Hi! I would like to enter, here is my entry

    1. Stop staying up till midnight reading tweets and tweeting
    2. Update blog more often
    3. When I become legendary I want to totally finish the game, get all the badges, finish all the quests, become warlord in PvP etc.
    4. I want to truely finish the game on all wizard (going to take a LONG time)
    5. Become famous like Friendly! :-p

    Name: christo skywalker
    Email: christo.skywalker0@gmail.com

    Thanks for doing this!


  2. 1. Stop bugging people for help ingame.
    2. Start Blogging more!
    3. Start my own contest.
    4. Start becoming more into PvP!
    5. Just have more fun!

    Robert DragonHeart A.k.a The Rogue Sorcerer
    Rogue Sorcerer at yahoo.com

  3. My in-game resolutions, in no particular order, are:

    1. Spend a week without using text-chat.
    2. Finish decorating my MFP.
    3. Hold a huge party in my completed MFP.
    4. Get another one of my wizards to legendary.
    5. Get another of my wizards to Grandmaster.
    6. At least start crafting a Watch Tower Hall.
    7. Continue to work on always being as polite as I can to the other people in the game.
    8. Work on keeping my mouth shut when people are out to bug other players.
    9. I want to work on being a support player. And helping others and being generous.
    10. Remembering that this is a game and I do this for fun! LOL


    (wanderingconjurer@yahoo.com or twitter: @heatherravenwiz)

  4. My resolutions:
    1. Become more comfortable with the more difficult instances.
    2. Run my own blog. (Took the first step and created one! Midmorning Owl)
    3. House all of my wizards.
    4. "Create" the dream pet for (most if not all of) my wizards.
    5. Get my last two wizards to Legendary.
    6. Attempt to become a serious PvPer.
    7. And finally, get Grandmaster Crafter on ALL of my wizards. (Maybe one of KI's resolutions will be to up those Black Pearl drops..)

    W101Central: Mr.Owl
    Gmail: midmorningowl@gmail.com

  5. My resolutions (they're not in any particular order):

    1. Finishing up decorating my MFP in time for my b-day (Jan. 25)

    2. Getting my main character to Legendary status in full level 58 gear by this summer. (Currently level 27 Balance wizard)

    3. Completing all my crafting quests and becoming a Grandmaster Artisan.

    4. Completing ALL (main and side) quests when reaching Legendary status.

    5. Moving my blog successfully to my new website.

    6. Blogging more often.

    7. Host a contest as soon as I move my blog to my new website.

    8. Becoming a Grandmaster Gardener.

    9. Becoming a Warlord in PvP.

    10. Becoming the highest rank possible in the Pet Derby.

    11. Finishing up my Gardening Guide.

  6. ^^^^^^^My contact info for my comment above.

    Name: Jordan Seadreamer
    E-mail: wizard970724@hotmail.com
    Twitter ID: Wizard970724
    Blog: thecourageoussorcerer.blogspot.com (I'm gonna be moving my blog soon.

  7. Sigh well here I go.

    1. Get all my wizards at least to GM but aiming for Legendary.

    2. Create unique houses with themes on all my wizards

    3. Get 50 followers on my blog

    4. Become at least a Knight in Pvp

    5. Become a Warlord in Pvp (Pet v.s pet)

    6. Lose weight cause I wanna live :P

    7. Do more comics for my blog

    8. Win another housing contest if there ever is another.

    9. Love that special woman more than I already do.

    10. maintain a minimum of 1 blog post every 2 days.

    Those are my goals I wish to achieve.

    You know my E-mail and all that but here you go :P

    Username on Central: King Ysmir

  8. Thank goodness I remembered :P

    Habits to lose:
    - Tweeting at midnight (like Christo :P)
    - Not becoming frustrated with in-game things and losing temper, lol

    - Become involved w/Central a little
    - At least try/start PvP
    - Get alts crafting, some to Legendary wizards
    - Finish MB/GH/MFP houses
    - Spider Golem Pet :D
    - Get a pet with awesome stats (Spritely, etc.)
    - Become a little more techy with my blog
    - Host a successful party of some sort :)

    arlendawneyes@gmail.com and @arlendawneyes on Twitter, Happy New Year!