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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Unveiling...More Wizards

If you have read any of my blogs or checked the above "Witches and Wizards" tab you will find detailed information about my own "Dastardly Dozen"-Alura, Bri, Cori, Des, 'Rina, Tati, Bailey, Fiona, Jordan, Kait, Tasha, and 'Nessa. This past month I have worked on additional wizards from my third and fourth accounts. I will now introduce them to you.

On my third account, I have the Devin __________Heart family. There are three male and three female witches and wizards.

Devin ShadowHeart, female necromancer, is level 40 and finishing up Marleybone. She originally started questing with my best friend's storm wizard, Scarlet Wildhaven. When I created Devin, I had a goal in mind. I had just created a guide on Respawning Bosses and Devin and Scarlet were going to start from the beginning and fight EVERY boss to find out which ones did, in fact, respawn. This meant doing every main and side quest and then making sure we killed the boss before hitting the minion(s). So far I have not started Devin on Crafting or Gardening.

Devin ShadowHeart, male diviner, is only level 8 right now. He also was given a purpose when he was created. He was to do only the main quest storyline. He would not pick up any side quests, including crafting or gardening. He would also not do any farming that would give him extra experience. I want to see what is the lowest level he would be when he faces Malistaire. Of course, he will most likely have to do side quests to get to level 48, which is the minimum level to access Celestia, and continue the main story.

Devin WildHeart, male pyromancer, is level 20 and has been questing with AlricRavensinger's life wiz, Kristen Wildsong. Currently, they are both in Krokotopia at the Krokosphinx. However, because they have reached that pivotal level 20, they have opted to go do the Grizzleheim story until they can't finish up. Then they will continue in KT. Devin is done with his KT crafting earning him his Apprentice Crafter badge and is also a rank 3 Apprentice gardener.

The remaining three wizards have been dual questing with my wizards from my fourth account, all of whom are simply named Devin.

Devin WildHeart, female sorceress, is just starting in Krokotopia with Devin, female thaumaturge. Both are level 13, Novice crafters and Apprentice gardeners.

Devin SilverHeart, female conjurer, is also starting Krokotopia with Devin, female sorceress. Both are level 12, Novice crafters, and Apprentice gardeners.

Devin SilverHeart, male thaumaturge, will be starting Krokotopia with Devin, male necromancer. Both are level 13, Novice crafters and Neophyte gardeners.

Also on my third account is my son's fire wizard, Blaze DragonRider. He is level 16 and in Krokotopia. My son doesn't really play him anymore, so I will be taking him over. Once I get all my Devins through KT, I will finish him up before starting any on MB.

My 23rd wizard, Devin, female diviner, is a special wizard. She was to be used in MiltonTS' "Goldenbrand Challenge". The challenge is to get to level 40 without doing the main quests. To prove this, you would show your spellbook not having acquired the healing pixie spell you get from Lady Oriel for doing Ceren Nightchant's quest AND you would not have any potion bottles that you get when you receive the spiral keys for defeating main bosses in Wizard City, Krokotopia, or Marleybone. You would also not receive any of your world completion spells that are school specific.

Except with Devin, I took it a little bit further. She hasn't done ANY quests, nor has she picked up any spells either from her own school or by using training points. The only spell she has is her Thunder Snake and anything that her gear or pets give her. She is level 22 right now and the only experience she gets is by excessive farming with two or three of my other accounts or with other wizards.

I am including pictures of Devin showing that she has not earned the Unicorn Way badge (or any others besides the ones you get for defeating mobs), her spell book which shows all tabs, and her quest log.

That is all the wizards I have (for now, anyway LOL). You can check on their progress or stats simply by clicking on the "My Witches and Wizards" tab at the top of the page. It lists each wizard's name, their crafting and gardening rank, their school pets (if they have them), their natural colors, alternate schools, mounts, houses, minion types and names, and their favorite spells to use. I will also be updating it to include their PvP and Pet Derby ranks.

Until next time...

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  1. I think 4 accounts is enough for you, lol :). Wow. Nice job!

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