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Monday, August 15, 2011

Mercenaries For Hire...Goodbye & Hello

It HAS been awhile since I last posted (understatement yes, I know) and one I intend to remedy so as to catch you all up. So many things have been going on both IRL and ITS that it's amazing that I am still sane LOL. But that is another story.

The "Goodbye" is because my Unholy Trio sisters left the M4H to spend more personal time in the game doing the things they love to do. Cassandra Dragonheart, Lady Blade, and I will ALWAYS be the Unholy Trio regardless of where we are in our personal and gaming lives. We only acquired the name during our recruitment process, but we made it our own!

Another "Goodbye" to the M4H is the humon-gigan-normous help thread that has been on W101 Central for the last 2 years. This thread was finally closed with 1651 pages and 16,507 posts. My first post to M4H was for the Tri-Harvest Festival on page 15 #143 offering to help and in the process hoping to get my grand gear for my wizards. My official welcome to M4H post was page 662 #6617.

The following "Hello" and welcome is extended to the newest M4H recruits:

AlricRavensinger-Most of my readers (thank you for being so loyal during my sporadic blogging spells :) ) are already very familiar with Alric as he is a constant presence in the wizarding community. He has his own blog, "The Raven's Vault", is the creator of his own fan-comic, "Fame at a Price", is an active member of Diary of a Wizard and a mod on their forums, is also an active #Twizard of the Twitter/wizarding community. He is an honorary member of the Unholy Trio as he and I are sweethearts, he and Cassandra Dragonheart are Tio/Tia, and shares a Hermano/Hermana relationship with Lady Blade (go figure THAT one out! Hehe). Now he is also one of the newest members of the M4H.

Katherine Light-Kat joined Central in October of last year, but she has made quite an impact in that short time. She proved her merit as a F2M4H and also wrote the WaterWorks guide, "Plumbing 101" to help other wizards out in this particular difficult instance. She has also joined the ranks of the #Twizards as @WizKathLight and has even gotten recognition and praise from Professor Greyrose for her blog post, "Of Video Games & Education. Yes, In the SameSentence". She can now add Merc to her list of accomplishments.

JesseNightwalker-Jesse has been a member of Central since November of '09 and a constant as a F2M4H in the last year since I have known him. He has always been courteous and professional on the runs he has assisted with and I also welcome him to our Merc Family.

"Hello" and Congratulations are in order for the team of Mercenaries who not only got a new thread to start fresh, but also got their OWN FORUM! Inside this forum you will find a breakdown of things you may request help with. There are currently seven separate threads. Three of those are stickied to the forum as they contain information about who the mercs are and what they do as well as a place that offers Q&A.

The first thread "Helpful Links" provides links from Central members who were kind enough to make guides to the harder/hardest instances in the game, ie. Briskbreeze Tower, the Waterworks, etc. As a merc, we would point menu chatters to this thread so they can see what they are in for when they request a run through these areas. It is also good for those who really want to try to do these areas on their own BEFORE they ask for help from the M4H.

"Our Team ofMercenaries" includes pictures and school stats of the wizards that we use when we pick up run requests, including active AND retired. This ensures that you know the person who is saying they are a merc really is.

The "M4HRules and Information" offers a plethora of, well, information about the services offered and provided by M4H. It is advised that all requestors read this thread first BEFORE they ask for a run.

The actual help threads that Centralites post in are broken down into three threads by difficulty.

"WC/KT/MB/MS/GH" is for those needing help in those worlds: Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, and Grizzleheim. Because we have some very good F2M4H who are constantly helping out and we have faith that they will not let a client down, they are permitted to accept and lead these runs.

"DS/CL/WT" is for the current three hardest worlds, Dragonspyre, Celestia, and Wintertusk, where you pretty much have to be either a Grandmaster or Legendary to even get the quests not to mention, survive. Mercenaries are the only ones allowed to accept these requests to run, though others may join in if they so wish and the client doesn't mind.

"DifficultInstance Areas" refers to those particular towers where the bosses like to cheat or you have to play with a certain strategy to guarantee success. These areas may be in lower worlds like Briskbreeze or the Waterworks in WC and the Warehouse in MB, but because of their difficulty level only a M4H will lead and accept these runs. F2M4H are more than welcome to join for the loot or experience.

The seventh thread "M4H Special Events" is left for when the Mercenaries get together with the Central community to host special themed events. The events are usually leaning towards helping W101 members get that elusive gear that they need or finally getting a quest cleared out of their log book. In the past there was the "Great In-Spyre-ation" dedicated to running wizards through Malistaire's instance to get their level 50 Grandmaster gear (robes, athames, and rings). The "Tri-Harvest Festival" was an entire weekend farming event of Yeva Spiderkeeper, Viktor Snowcrusher, and Kraysys for Grandmaster shoes and hats. "Ring In the School Year" was a Labor Day festival to help Grandmasters get their school specific rings from Briskbreeze Tower. "Turkey Throwdown" was a Thanksgiving tribute to the Raven Coven for dropping gear that sold so well we were able to help lots of people fill their pockets with gold. Just this past summer we ran the "Reel In Your Gear" Waterworks farming event for Level 60 Legendary robes, hats, and shoes.

Who knows what events we have planned? Of course if you have any ideas that you would like us to consider, you can always leave a comment here or post a visitor message on any of the mercs' profile pages.

If you have a dream of one day becoming a M4H don't give up on it. Hone your skills. Check your attitude, patience, and temperament. Help others, including offering physical help or just advice or tips, because some people don't always ask for it. Be courteous and polite to those you meet; including lower level wizards. Remember always to have fun because all in all it's still just a game!

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