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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fellow Mercenaries...Who Also Blog!

One might begin to think that our own family of M4H is beginning to moonlight in blogging. Little by little and one by one, we each seem to find our way over here to the Blog-o-Sphere where we can share bits and pieces of our wizarding adventures and tales.

I started this little blog last summer at the insistence of Alric Ravensinger. It may not be as active as other notable blogs, but it is my own. My in-game older sister, best friend, one-third of Unholy Trio, and fellow merc, Cassandra Dragonheart soon followed with her own blog "From the Heart of a Dragon"

Recently, though, two other M4H members have decided to join in the fold: Lady of Blades who actually has two blogs and Mr. Owl.

Mr. Owl has everything you would want to read about; crafting, updates, changes, real life stuff comparisons, etc. He adds his own personal humor to what he is writing about. So check him out and follow him. I am sure you would enjoy his blog, "Midmorning Owl" as much as I do.

Another merc, my younger in-games sister, best friend, and one-third of the Unholy Trio, Lady of Blades, is a really talented storyteller. She has her blog "A Day in the Life", which tells true stories about her and her families real life mishaps. Her second blog, "Lady of Blades" started out with the tales of her family. I think when she decided to write her story, "The Prophecy of Blades" on Central, she kinda evolved it into a place for that to be read and discovered by new readers.

Her story takes place in W101, but it has the undertones of Harry Potter, Fablehaven, and Septimus Heap. I think that a lot of people who read books from these series AND play the game would enjoy her tale immensely.

So go check them out and be sure to comment and let them know what you think about the work they are doing so far.

Until then...

Follow Your Own Path

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