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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Love...In the Spiral & the South

I met Alric Ravensinger at the Tri-Harvest Festival in April of 2010. It is no surprise to the #Twizards and blogging community that we are together since we don't bother hiding our sentiments toward each other.

We have talked countless hours on the phone, via Skype, or Yahoo IMs for the last year. It was only a matter of time before we were destined to actually meet in person.

I was originally scheduled to go visit him the week of July 11th to coincide with the release of Harry Potter 7. That was going to be our first physical date. Dinner and a movie :) .

Instead, the plans changed almost last minute and he wanted to meet sooner and be able to spend more time with me. So I made the trip to him the 2nd of June. I travelled across two state lines, over 1000 miles (went 100 miles out of my way :/), and 18 hours later I met my true sweetheart.

I wish I could say that our first meeting was purely romantic, but I was utterly exhausted and really just wanted to take a shower and nap. However, I was resting when he showed up at our meeting spot and I rushed out of my car to throw my arms around him and gave him a kiss. I asked him to ride with me while I followed his sister to his house.

I stayed at his house for that weekend (four days) and we talked forever into the night, watched movies, went to the mall, and I took pictures of the desert scenery. As we drove towards my own hometown, we got to watch the different climates change from desert to greenery the further east we went.

The next day I gave him a tour of my city (which didn't take long since it's nowhere near as big as his own) and we had a picnic lunch while sitting by the (man-made) waterfalls.

That first weekend we went up to Oklahoma to go to the mountains. While there we saw prairie dogs, buffalo, minor canyons, and beautiful water scenes. We went swimming in the lake, cooked hot dogs, and roasted marshmallows. He was in charge of the camera and was taking the pictures that he wanted to keep for his own memories.

About a week later we went to the lake in my town and had a lunch on a park bench. When we finished eating we went for a stroll where we walked up to the water's edge and just enjoyed the tranquil moment. The wind was blowing hard that day which was a wonderful reprieve from the oppressing heat that we have thus far suffered through.

During his stay with me, we would alternate playing wiz (though very infrequently), he would play on his DS while I played Zelda on my Gamecube. I got him started on the Fablehaven series, which he admitted were good books. We watched a few cooking shows on the Food Network channel asking each other if we would be willing to try any of the dishes that were prepared. We also visited my best friend for the 4th of July. We celebrated by eating hot dogs, sausages, and grilled burgers and finishing with a healthy dose of Wiz!

On July 15th we went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7 as we had planned so very long ago. It was our first official "movie date" and we both enjoyed ourselves, though we did have different opinions of the movie. Hey, who said true love has to agree on EVERYTHING?!

The original plan was that he would head home on the 18th but neither one of us were ready for him to leave so we extended his stay until August 8th. He was already accepted and love by my sister, best friend, and our dogs. Of course, I was more than happy to have him around and to myself for a bit longer. There were still things that I wanted to show him but we would have to go to the "big city" for that kind of tourist-y thing. Which we did the last week of July.

My sister had a business trip so we just tagged along so I could show him the sights while she was in her classes. We went to the Water Gardens where we saw the water oasis in the concrete jungle that people would go to just to gaze at the architecture or meditate.

We went to the Botanical Gardens and looked at the different types of flowers and gardens there. We especially enjoyed the Japanese Garden and couldn't get enough of the Koi that were prevalent in the ponds. We also got a few pictures of random critters, insects, and reptiles that were roaming in their natural habitat.

I took him to the Omni theater where we got to view a show in the planetarium about our "Amazing Solar System" and the Imax theater had a showing of "Tornado Alley". I thought that was fitting since he had never dealt with them and they are commonplace where I live.

Once again we went to visit my best friend, who treated us to the "Captain America" movie and supper. We ended up staying the weekend with her and just hanging out, playing wiz, and watching DVDs.

All too soon August 8th was looming upon us and I tried to steel my emotions in preparation for his departure. He is my love with his own family that has waited for his return; not a pet that I could expect to keep with me forever. Therefore, I knew that eventually he had to return home. I also knew that when the time was right we would be together again in each other's arms. For now I am content knowing that we are forever in each other's hearts and minds.

Until our paths meet again...

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  1. awwww, so sweet for both of you. Yea, not easy for long distance. But keep your loves for both of you each other, remember that love you have. :) both of you will meet again.