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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Waterworks Woes...Plumbing Leak

I just ran the Waterworks with Joshua Wyrmsword, another Merc friend, who was picking up the request for two clients. I tagged along on 'Rina, my legendary Ice wizard who still needed her robe and hat.

After defeating Luska and not getting a hat, I was disappointed but I knew his loot had been nerfed due to an exploit people had used to accumulate an abundance of mega snacks earlier this summer. When we defeated Syslter, I was positive that I would at least get another pair of boots or maybe my robe that I really needed. Boy was I shocked. I completed that whole run which took over an hour helping Josh to set the client up for the hits and help with deck set ups and then got nothing worth bragging about.

I thought I needed to let KingsIsle know how badly they are treating the players who have played their game fairly and went to look on their homepage to see if anyone else had already posted about this problem. Sure enough there was already a thread. So I composed the following letter and sent it to their thread titled, "Waterworks Rip-off". I even sent them an e-mail to their support office suggesting that they rectify the loot table at Sylster to accommodate those of us who are finishing the entire dungeon.

"I realize that there was an "exploit" involving Luska and Mega snacks that KI needed to fix, but I think how they adjusted the loot table of Luska and Syster was not the right way. Waterworks is one of the hardest dungeons to run and you MUST be level 60 to even access it. It takes plenty of time and treasure cards to ensure that it's successful.

To finally get to Luska, a boss with 20K+ health, and only get a darkwind and dragonflies treasure card, lvl 54 devoted vestment (what lvl 60 is going to wear THAT?), a sandstone reagent (hmm I can get that in KT), and a rank 5 glowing taffy pet snack seems like a big letdown and a major disappointment.

Yes I remember when mastery amulets were randomly dropped and at least one mega snack was a guarantee as was a level 60 hat. OK I understand because of the exploit this can be no more. People took advantage of something in order to get more mega snacks faster. However, they weren't the only ones punished. The rest of us, who DIDN'T were as well! Instead of "fixing" it so that they couldn't shortcut their way to Luska, you decided to make it so that the rest of us had a difficult time getting our own gear, too. :(

It wouldn't be so bad you see, not getting the stuff we are used to at Luska, but to continue fighting in this dungeon then get all the way to the final fight where you have 3 bosses with health ranging from 8-25K and you knew before that this boss at least dropped your robe or boots and one mega snack...

Only to go through the whole entire dungeon-legally, ethically, morally-the way you guys intended; and to get...JUNK! Giant, Minotaur, & Empower treasure cards, Glowing taffy rank 5 snack, Whimsical Surcoat, Rime Runners, Sunstone, Fish Fin, Deadly Fly Trap, and Pink Dandelion.

Really? REALLY?! Lvl 52 shoes and robe that I can sell for the same price as a blade I farm from the coven at level 40 in a quarter of the time? Pink Dandelions that drop from the mobs in all areas of KT that a level 15 wizard can plant?

I have 14 accounts. Yes, FOURTEEN now. 13 wizards are legendary so far. Guess how many tries it's going to take me to get my gear at this rate? Actually with 71 other wizards to level up guess how many times I am going to attempt it before moving on.

I honestly think that if you have completed the whole entire dungeon, then you should at least get something of your gear from Sylster. This at least shows that you are not doing the "exploit". So fine take the hats away from Luska. Give them Sylster. But make it so that Sylster at least drops a hat, robe, or boots EVERY time!"

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