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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Amazing Race...Which Duo Will Be First?

As of right now, I have 3 teams of two of my own wizards who are questing in Dragonspyre. Each team consists of a Grandmaster from my first account and a Master from my second account. The goal is for the babies to get their level 48 spells and pet, fight Malistaire in the Final Countdown quest, be able to access Celestia, reach Grandmaster so they can wear their gear then both wizards will fight through to become Legendary!

The question is which team will be first?

Here are the teams, their current locations, and how they are played.

Team Best Friends: My Grandmaster Ice, Sabrina (50), and Master Death, Tasha (45) with my best friend's Balance wizard, Alexis (45). Just received the quest for the Obsidian Chests and already got the one in the Labyrinth.

We play when she gets off work or on the weekends and for a few hours. For street and tower mobs 'Rina carries Blizzard & Frost Giant (Leif) with Strong on them, & her Ice Blades. Tasha is trained in Ice as secondary and carries an Ice trap amulet, plus Curse, & Feint which she places before 'Rina hits. Alexis being balance will Balance and Elemental tri-blade 'Rina or place hex on the mobs.

Team Night Owls: My Grandmaster Myth, Cori (50) and Master Ice, Bailey (44) with Alric Ravensinger's alt Master Storm, Isaac (45). They are now in the Drake Hatchery ready to fight The Hoarder for Windhammer's reins.

We play when I can coax him into questing :P and for a few hours at a time. Cori carries her Frog, Olloch (from the Fablehaven stories :) ) boosted with Strong & her Myth blades. Bailey doesn't have much power, but she uses her Blizzard, Ice Blade, & Tri-Elemental Blade. Isaac will cast Storm Blade and Tempest to clean up Olloch's mess :-& .

Team Life & Death: This team is me only. My Grandmaster Death, Destiny (50) and Master Life, Kaitlyn (42). She just started in the Tower of Archives fighting the Loathsome Creepers.

I play on these when there is no one else online needing help with anything and after I have used all the energy on my 12 wizards training pets. Destiny uses Scarecrow to attack. While waiting for her pips to build up she will use Curse & Death Blade to buff her kill. She does have Death Shield & Empower in her deck when not fighting death mobs so she can get her pips faster and take off a weakness in one move. Kaitlyn doesn't have any Life attack AoE spells yet, but is trained in fire as a secondary so she will pack a few Meteors JIC. Mostly she just casts Tri-Spirit Traps & Blades for Destiny or will stick with healing.

I have set a time frame to have all 6 of my wizards; Bailey, Cori, Destiny, Kaitlyn, Sabrina & Tasha to reach Legendary status before the end of the year.

So even though it will be me playing the actual wizards, I would like to see YOUR thoughts on which ones you think would reach their goals first and why. Does the team have anything to do with it? The type of wizard they are? Will the kinds of mobs and bosses they face play a part in the race?

Also leave comments about how YOU would set up your deck to fight the mobs the fastest and I will test it out.

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